The Holocaust & Abortion-not THAT different

Today was the premiere of "180" a documentary by Ray Comfort. It's 33 minutes long and in it he attempts to have intelligent conversations with people to connect the Holocaust with Abortion. It comes down to a discussion on the value of human life, and if you valued the 11 million human lives that were lost during the Holocaust, wouldn't those morals roll over to your view of abortion? Watch the free documentary here.


  1. Hello Heather, Abortion is devistating and something never forgotten if that person has any since of goodness. God Bless you.

  2. Abortion IS a very sad thing. The truth is that our sense of goodness is distorted because we are sinners. As Jeremiah says, our hearts are deceitfully wicked. That's why this video is so good. I think Ray Comfort can really draw out the bad thinking when it comes to abortion.