What's funny to a preschooler?

I came across this informative article when I was looking for some Monday Humor posts. If you have a preschooler, you will just be nodding your head in agreement the whole time you read. So what's funny to a preschooler?

Replacing Words:
My kiddos at lunch think their name-calling is so funny. "Give me back my juice Hot dog head." "Here you go, peanut butter." (though I think it's a bit funny, I usually respond with "You may call Kayla, Kayla.")

Preschool songs that remind me of this humor:
Willaby wallaby woo
"Willaby wallaby woo an elephant sat on you/
Willaby wallaby wee, an Elephant sat on me/
 Willaby wallaby wephanie, an elephant sat on Stephanie."

Down by the bay
"did you ever see a fly wearing a tie?"

You've got to read the whole thing here though. Thought this might be a fun read for some of you-but not quite a Monday Humor post. 


I'm back

Sorry for the long time of no posts, I just set up a bunch of Monday posts. So stay tuned! I have good reason for not posting. But that's a surprise for a later post. Let's just say I've been real sleepy, tired and hungry :) 


MIA (again)

Hi friends,

This week between the visit of my best friend and it being Easter week, I will have little time to write posts.  Have an amazing Easter, remembering what Christ did on the cross for His children.



Children's puzzles are hard...

This was the only one I found so far @ www.gatortots.com
Children's puzzles are hard to find! Our developing Children's Ministry at church thought it may be a good idea to invest in some puzzles. We thought if we buy puzzles that are stories of the bible, then it would be an easy & mellow way during free time to talk about God's story with the kids. HOWEVER, I'm having the hardest time finding Bible story puzzles! Of course I've found "religious puzzles" that are 100- 500 pieces, but that just won't do for a sunday school class.

Do you guys have any website/brand recommendations? I don't know where to start! Please share your ideas!


Albert Mohler & Abortion

"…the issue of ABORTION simply will NOT go away, it CANNOT go away. There is no single issue in America that has the moral valance and importance of abortion. When it comes down to the question of whether it should be lawful to destroy an unborn human life to kill an unborn human being, you are reaching one of the most divisive and insoluable social issues, political and moral issues and it is operational at all of those levels.

 –Albert Mohler
(emphasis mine)

The quote is from Albert Mohler's Monday briefing. If Mohler is right, that this issue will NOT go away and there is no single issue of greater moral valance and importance, shouldn't we do something? Shouldn't we call our senate, email our congressman? Babies being killed isn't just a political issue, my friends. Go here or here to take some action.


Calling all California Pro-Lifers- We need you THIS WEEK!

If you have been following the fight to defund Planned Parenthood, you probably heard some noise going on in the capitol on Friday night. There was talk of a government shutdown and there and there was one historic move for pre-born children in the District of Columbia. That's right, in the District of Columbia tax dollars will no longer go to abortion services! Unfortunately Planned Parenthood was NOT defunded, but it's not over yet. THIS WEEK WE NEED YOU PRO-LIFERS to contact your senators. We know that Boxer & Feinstein are NOT PRO-LIFE, but they need to know that Pro-lifers will not rest until abortion is at stop. They need to know we are here begging them to be our voice!

(To read more about Friday night go here)

I've already given you the phone numbers and the links. Just pick up your phone sitting right next to you. Just copy this pre-phrased paragraph and paste it at the provided link. There will be an official vote THIS WEEK to defund Planned Parenthood. Let your voice be heard!

Senator Barbara Boxer: (202) 224-3553
You will probably get her message machine so you could say something like this:
"Planned Parenthood is lying about providing mammograms, and 98% of their services for pregnant women are abortions. My hope is that you will represent what Pro-Lifers hope for and Defund Planned Parenthood."

Senator Dianne FiensteinEmail her here
You can copy & paste this:
"This week as you put in your vote over the Planned Parenthood debate, I hope that you will remember and represent my voice. I do not want my tax money to go to Planned Parenthood. Recently, we have seen the President of Planned Parenthood LIE about providing mammograms, and also footage of multiple clinics aiding & abetting underage girls. It is inappropriate and outrageous to think that tax money will be providing Planned Parenthood to continue in such a business! I along with the rest of the Pro-Lifers beg you to represent us. We beg you to vote on defunding Planned Parenthood."

Get your friends in on this!
Either post my "Calling all California Pro-Lifers-We Need you THIS WEEK" Or post this phrase on your FB status:

     Last week may have ended without de-funding Planned Parenthood, but we will continue to fight for women and their preborn babies until we see an end to abortion. As the members of the White Rose, the student-led Nazi opposition group, once stated, “We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience.” Call your Senator today and demand that they defund Planned Parenthood this week! www.exposeplannedparenthood.com

Seriously, does it get any easier than this?


Spanky gives it right in the kisser!

Raise your hand if you watched Little Rascals: Our Gang when you were a kid! When we rented these tapes from the video store, it was considered special family time. I believe the family favorite was Buckwheat. I couldn't find any particularly funny ones with him, so I went with Spanky. This clip is quite funny. How did they get such a little kid to make such wonderful facial expressions?

Well, Happy Monday!

Who was your favorite character from The Little Rascals?


This week I'll be MIA

This week my husband will be getting home earlier in the evening. It's exciting news for me since I only get to see him briefly in the mornings and then about an hour when he gets home at 10:30pm on the weekdays. Sooo...that means I won't have much to post, since I'll be staring at his handsome face instead of my computer :) Have a great week!


Facial expressions of singing children

This is a picture from a textbook of my "Music & Early Childhood" class in college. Though the title of the class was a bit deceiving, I did learn a ton about teaching children music-even how to teach a simple song. I love this old picture. Their facial expressions are priceless. My favorite expression is the one to the far right. Happy Monday!


Fatherless with Propaganda

Propaganda is so good at spoken word. Listen him to talk about the importance of a father over a home of financial gain.

The Gospel Song

The Gospel Song


Piper preaches on passing on a passion for truth

Desiring God just announced  that John Piper's audio & video is available from the Children Desiring God conference. His message, "The Sum of Your Word is Truth." is structured around 3 questions:

1. Why should you care about passing on a passion for the truth for the next generation?
2. What is the sum of truth that we want the next generation to see and embrace?
3. How can the next generation know that this is true and be joyfully confident in it?

Embarrassing story: My friend, Ysabel and I were the first ones in the room for this particular message. At this point, we'd never met him. As Piper did his mic check, we were sitting in the front row all by ourselves, not knowing what to do (take a picture? wave? or act like it's no big deal?) We decided to look busy browsing through notes or books, but inside we were very excited. See our picture with Piper here.

*Before you judge me :) , I've learned a lot from John Piper and his ministry-Jesus is bigger and better than him, he's just a man but Jesus is my Savior.