Roller Babies

Here's a funny video of babies roller blading by Evian. If you'd like to see the making of this video go here. Or if you'd like to see a baby doing the moon walk when dad leaves the room go here.


We're walking for Life!

Being ProLife always scared me. I thought that if I was really, really, really ProLife that I'd have to stand in front of abortion clinics with signs shouting. Though I'm not against that, I just thought that was the only way to BE ProLife. But what I found is that it's not the only way! There are many other ways to be involved - emailing congress, posting youtube videos and spreading truth. Not only that but you can become involved in a local pregnancy care center near you!

That's exactly what I've done! Due to all that I've been learning I decided to become a Liason between my local Crisis Pregnancy Center and my church. I'm very excited about this opportunity, and even more excited to get some of you bloggers to be involved.

Here's the deal. Next month on the 12th there is going to be a Walk for Life. James and I are walking! Our goal is to not only raise support for the Pregnancy Center but it's to make a statement by walking with the masses. What's the statement? Choose Life! In a world, where media only covers ProChoice news & events, we are praying to get some media coverage for this peaceful walk.

Maybe you are ProLife like us. Maybe you don't necessarily want to stand in front of an abortion clinic or hold signs. Maybe you don't really know how to be ProLife. Well here is your opportunity to be a part of the movement...support James and I!

If you decide to sponsor James and I, the money will go directly to the pregnancy center. The clinic is Christian-run and gives women complete information and facts about their options. They are sure to share the gospel with each family.  

It's very easy to sponsor us. You don't have to send me a check or cash. All I need is your home address and the center will bill you directly. To give your pledge amount, simply email me at Heather.r.burdette@gmail.com OR post a comment saying that you are interested and (if I know you) I'll contact you via FB. 

Please consider being a sponsor to James and I or find out about a Pregnancy Center near you, I'm sure they have events like this too! Thanks for showing us your support and more importantly your support for LIFE!

*Also please share this post with any of your family or friends through email or sharing on FB. That would be awesome!

The Barber Who Wanted to Pray by R.C. Sproul

Excited about another children's book by R.C. Sproul to come out! This one is to be released sometime in September so watch out for it. This is what Crossway says about it:

"This imaginative tale from R. C. Sproul, based on a true story, begins one evening with Mr. McFarland leading family devotions. When his daughter asks him how she should pray, Mr. McFarland shares a 500-year-old story about a barber and his famous customer.
Master Peter is a barber well-known to all in his village. One day, when Martin Luther the Reformer walks into his shop, the barber musters up the courage to ask the outlawed monk how to pray. Luther responds by writing a letter to the barber. The barber’s life and many others’ are changed as they encounter a model for prayer by using the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Apostles’ Creed.
Sproul’s beautifully illustrated story will delight children and help them learn to pray according to the Bible. The full text of the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Apostles’ Creed, along with a brief biography of Martin Luther, will make this a treasured book to be returned to time after time."
Image from JT blog


One year of blogging...

A year ago today...

I decided to put my thoughts out there. The "thoughts of a preschool aide" spurred from my very first job at a christian preschool. Working there provoked many things I'd never thought about before.

WHY? Well, at Cal State Fullerton my studies were NOT bible-based. All my creative thinking for kids went to making non-product art projects for kids, dialogic reading, literacy, activities to focus on fine & large motor skills. It went to making activities about shapes, numbers and letters.

Though wheels were still turning in those areas this Christian Preschool introduced a new dynamic: bible stories. Honestly, it was quite uncomfortable for me at first. I was more of an observer in that area because talking about Jesus to children made me a little nervous. As I observed I had questions:

What kind of language do we use when we talk about "scary" things like Jesus dying on the cross?
Should we tell children that they make Jesus' heart sad or happy with their actions?
What do I tell them about Satan?

These were hard questions for me because I understood the tenderness of the age while at the same time they are learning more during this period of their lives than they will the rest of their life. So I struggled:

  What do I do when the truths of the gospel must be conveyed but when the truths are also "hard" for tender hearts?

So thats where I was when I started this blog. To hear some of my thoughts on those things please read my very first post ever "Did they want to hurt or kill Jesus?"

However since that very first post, there has been a great deal of books and messages that have really helped my biblical understanding of children. If you are looking for the same, I cannot recommend the list below enough.

Children Desiring God: Finding quality biblical books for children, msgs on "self-esteem" from a biblical view point and teaching children how to understand the gospel is what can be found here. If you are a christian majoring in child development you will want to counter what you are learning with the information in this website.

Tedd & Paul Tripp: Tedd wrote Shepherding a Child's Heart. This book absolutely CHANGED my interaction & conversations with the children. It helped me to see that behavioral change comes from the heart and so when I talk to children I must show them what is in their hearts. Paul Tripp wrote Age of Opportunity and though I work with preschoolers it helped me re-evaluate a lot of what I learned in college.


Due to God's grace, I can now say I'm not just an observer when it comes to sharing bible stories and the gospel with children. In fact, it's one of my most favorite things to do at work now! I'm thankful to the Lord for the instruction he's given me about children so far. I know I have so much more to learn and I'm excited to reflect again next February.


Boy freaks out over N64

My husband showed me this video yesterday. I started crying it was so funny. If you replay the first 3 seconds over and over your stomach may start to hurt. So funny! Happy Monday. If you have it off, enjoy!


Occult workers at Disneyland & drug busts

I saw this testimony on Joshua Harris' blog recently. This is the story of how God called Tom Martin to himself and saved him from the occult and sin through Jesus Christ. May it encourage you today...


You know you're a preschool teacher when...

It’s no longer surprising to find clumps of glue in your hair.

Red “washable paint” stains your hands by the end of Valentine’s week.

Your husband starts singing preschool songs.

Your husband tells you turn off the preschool songs.

You find random items like: sequins, pink hair clips, & heart shaped buttons (otherwise known as “treasure”) in your pockets.

You peel stickers off your clothes, before washing them.

It’s exciting to learn about new children’s music/books to be released.

You have a favorite letter from the Letter Factory (mine is “W”).

You attend multiple princess parties in one year.

You are thankful to sit in a “big kid” chair.

You are a cupcake connoisseur (officially do not like store-bought).

You notice the absent sound of a flushing toilet from the opposite side of the room.

You wake up with a children’s bible song in your head.

It’s time to babysit and you bring multiple children’s books & CD’s.

You appreciate the sound of wordless music at the end of the day.

And finally when phrases like this are common.

You could also start off with “You know you have a preschooler when…”
What do you think-did I miss any? 


$5.00 children's book-today only

Today Sammy & his Shepherd is on sale for $5.00 over at Ligioneer Ministries. It's typically $17.00 (hardcover), and if you know children's books, that doesn't surprise you. Because children's books are NOT cheap! That means, this is a great deal! It's on sale until Saturday morning. So only one day my friends, one day. Go hereto buy it. 

I typically like to recommend books on Wednesdays, but since this book is on sale today then here is a book review from Ligioneer Ministries: the teaching fellowship of R.C. Sproul:

Sammy lives happily under the care of his faithful shepherd. But one day he meets a sheep from another flock, one who lives in misery because her shepherd is not so caring. Eventually, to the delight of both of them, Sammy’s shepherd buys the needy little sheep for his flock and gives her a name—Precious. Thereafter, Sammy tells Precious all the wonderful things about their shepherd. At first, Precious has a hard time believing that the shepherd can be so good. But eventually, as she sees the shepherd pouring out his energies for the good of his flock, she comes to trust him, for she sees that he loves his sheep unconditionally and sacrificially. 

Each chapter of Sammy and His Shepherd is an exploration of a passage from Psalm 23. As they work through the book, children will grow in their understanding of the metaphors the psalmist used in composing this beloved poem. But more important, they will gain a deeper appreciation for the one who is the subject of the psalm: the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ. Captivating illustrations by Corey Godbey help Sammy and Precious come to life for children. A special section in the back of the book provides Bible passages, discussion questions, and activities to reinforce the lessons of each chapter.

As a side note, stories from the perspective of an animal about bible stories kinda make me nervous. Mainly because I work with very literal preschoolers that tend to get confused when I say that we have black sinful hearts ("My mom said our hearts are red"). But since the church is referred to as God's sheep, then I can totally go with that! Go here to get the book. 


Money not kids

This post has nothing to do with kids. It's not the normal post, but good deals must be shared! So here goes...

Since I've been following coupon blogs & bargain sites the past month I...

Exciting, right?! So if you don't already receive emails from Groupon LivingSocial, or Roozt-I'd highly recommend it!

I got my sunglasses from a deal on Roozt.com. Following deals on Roozt is even more satisfying because all their items are organic/fair-trade/humanitarian :) Obviously, not all deals are good deals, but you may come across something you've been needing. For me it was sunglasses that wouldn't break 3 months after the purchase.

I haven't used my free credits for either of these websites, but I'm sure looking forward to it!

Nomorerack.com: 8 deals every day. $2 shipping no matter what. $10 credit just for getting their emails. Everyday their cheapest items tend to be make-up or a toy item ranging from $2-4 bucks. With s/h you'd use at most only $6, which still leaves room for another deal for $2 of your free credits. That's SOME deal if you ask me!

Eversave: Similar to Groupon & Living Social only they give you $5 (normally it's only $2) of credit to receive their emails. Don't know when I will use it, but I know it's an option. If you sign up today you will get the 5 dollar credit, then it goes back down to 2 bucks tomorrow. Hurry, hurry!

I know it's early to think about it, but maybe these free credits will come in handy around Christmastime.

These are my new glasses that were FREE


Ronnie Wilson's Gift by Francis Chan

Look out for this book next month! You can pre-order this book on Amazon for just over 8 bucks. The recommended age according to christianbook.com is 4-8. Here is their description of the book as well:

"When Ronnie Wilson learns of Jesus' sacrifice, he wants to give Jesus a gift in return. But how can he get it to heaven? With each attempt he performs a simple act of service for someone in need, and eventually learns that what is done for the least in God's kingdom is done for Jesus himself."


Abortion Argument: What about rape or incest? #3


Answer #3: The violence of abortion parallels the violence of rape.

In ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments Randy Alcorn explains answer #3 quickly and simply so this time instead of summarizing I'll just directly quote it all:

"One woman says, 'When a woman exercises her right to control her own body in total disregard of the body of another human being, it is called abortion. When a man acts out the same philosophy, it is called rape.'

There is a close parallel between the violent attack on an innocent woman that happens in a rape and the violent attack on a innocent child that happens in an abortion. Both are done in response to a subjective and misguided sense of need, and both are done at the expense of an innocent person. The woman might not hate her child the way the rapist might hate his victim, but this is no consolation to the child. Regardless of the motives or disposition of his mother, he is just as brutally killed.

The violence of abortion is no solution to the violence of rape. The killing of the innocent by abortion is no solution to the hurting of the innocent by rape."

**Be sure to read Answers #1 & #2 as they give fullness to the answer of the ProChoice objection for abortion.


Bill Cosby on Childbirth

Happy Monday everyone (and Happy Valentines Day)! Hope this gives you some laughs to start out your week!

Part 1

Part 2


Parent Me with Json

Found this video the other day by Json. The song is called "Parent Me." There are 3 different scenarios that Json takes us through. I'm sure you could identify with being raised in one of these homes or maybe even being one of these type of parents. Well hope you enjoy the video & lyrics. Also, Check out Sho Baraka talking about "Parenting a child with a disability."

[Chorus] - J.R.
Look at my life
Look at my pain
Look at my tears
These tears I shed
I feel so alone, with nobody to talk to
Cuz of the days that I spend without you
It's like you're here, but you're gone (but you're gone)
You're here, but you're gone (but you're gone)
It's like you're here, but you're gone (but you're gone)
And you're gone, gone, gone, gone away

[Verse 1] - Json:
I know you're working, I appreciate your grind
You give me everything I need, but I really want your time (I want your time)
I must confess, it's hard to express how I'm feeling
But I'm growing blocks a bit and it's quickly becoming buildings
Listen, you're never home
To the point to that I don't notice when you're gone
I'm getting older, but I'm growing all alone (I'm alone)
How can you raise me, without even knowing me?
Everything I do, is just to get you to notice me (I miss you)
Realize, you're the great influence in my life
But you're absence just might be what's ruining my life (you're ruing my life)
I got questions, but we don't talk on the usual
My friends are having sex, and I'm wondering, should I do it too? (What should I do?)
Who should I go to, if you are never there? (Where?)
And if you never ask, will you ever be aware? (Be aware)
You say you care for me, you don't get it apparently!
I'm young and just a child, I need my parent to parent me!

[Chorus] - J.R.

[Verse 2] - Json:
I know you're hustling (I know), I see you on your grind
You give me everything I need, but I really want your time (I want your time)
I stay in fresh J's, laced in new gear
But I would trade it all, if I'd only have you here
I smell the boodah you blowing, cuz it be so potent
Oh yeah, I know this, but you don't think I'ma wanna smoke it?
I see your love for the streets, and I want that love too
You taught me to be hard, but you rarely tell me, "I love you" (I love you)
Moms be mad, she always be talking bad about you
But honestly, Dad, I don't think I'll become a man without you
And she be gone, matter of fact she never home
She come into work, and I'm living like I'm already grown
I gotta place to stay, then get ta shop at the mall
But I'll honestly say, I don't have no guidance at all
You say you'd gun for me, but don't know I can barely read
I'm young and just a child, I need my parents to parent me!

[Chorus] - J.R.

[Verse 3] - Json:
I know you're in Church, I see your love for God (I do)
You give me everything I need, but I really need your time (I need your time)
Your godly life and love for people amazes me
But tell me should the Church take my mom and my dad away from me?
I say this simply, you know my life spiritually
Involved in ministry, but often, you don't remember me (Remember me?)
You teach the Youth and show them how to model and live
But at home you've never shown me what the Gospel is (Father I need you)
How can you share with those direly hopeless?
Inside I cry, cuz we've never cracked the Bible open
And I'm feeling the pressure, and don't know what to do
Know what it's like to be the only Christian in your school?
I rep that 1-1-6, they tell me to live unashamed (I'm ashamed)
But that's hard when those around you are on another thing
You study thoroughly, but don't get it apparently!
I'm a baby in the faith, I need my parents to parent me!

[Chorus] - J.R.

[Outro] JR:
Mama I need you.. And daddy I need you...

Annnddd Sho Baraka on Parenting a child with a disability


Abortion Argument: What about rape or incest? #2

{ What about a woman who is pregnant due to rape or incest?}

Answer #2: Rape is never the fault of the child; the guilty party, not an innocent party, should be punished.

Alcorn warns us that we should be careful in a case like this as to who gets the blame. We should watch out for missing why this is such a “hard” case to answer in the first place. It is not hard to try and figure out if the innocent child deserves death for the actions of his/her father. What is hard is that the mother was put into a hard situation that she was not willing and ready for. He reminds us that this is a hard situation that the woman’s community must support her through. But while thinking about it, “the fact remains that none of this is the fault of the child.”

“Why should Person A be killed because Person B raped Person A’s mother?”

Alcorn asks, “Why should person A be killed because Person B raped Person A’s mother? If your father committed a crime, should you go to jail for it? If you found out today that your biological father had raped your mother, would you feel you no longer had a right to live?” Those are good questions he poses. Then, for the Christians he gives some supportive scripture:

The soul who sins is the one who will die. The son will not share the guilt of the father. Ezekiel 18:20

Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers, each is to die for their own sin. Deuteronomy 24:16

He comments further that civilized people don’t kill children for the wrong actions of their parents-only when it comes aborting the child of a rapist (do we make this mistake). He’s right; this issue is so hard and disgusting that we wrongly transfer our disgust to the innocent child or the mother instead of stricter punishment for the rapist. Alcorn ends by saying, “lets not punish the wrong person by inflicting upon the innocent child our rage against the rapist.”


“Lets not punish the wrong person by inflicting upon the innocent child our rage against the rapist.”

Argument(s) taken from ProLife Answers to ProChoice Arguments. By Randy Alcorn.

To see why I am doing this go here.


God Made Them All

It's fun to learn about animals but while teaching children about animals but how often do we forget to credit the God who made them?God Made Them All by Melody Carlson is a fun book about all the animals God made. Not only to I appreciate the durability of this board book but it rhymes too! This book is great way to start telling your kids about all the animals that GOD made! I love these lines:

I saw the desert, vast and dry.
But what lives in that sand?
Amazing creatures can survive
Just the way God planned.

If I could have it my way I'd put an exclamation mark at the end of that last line (at least that's how I'd read it anyways). Yes, God planned that the animals that live in the desert, are able to live there in the dry heat. Does anybody hear a bit sovereignty in that line like I do? ;) I love it. The last page ends like this with a mouse sitting on an elephant:

By now you've met some animals-
Some big ones and some small.
But each of them is special,
For God has made them all.

God is the sovereign creator of all things. There are value to things in this world because God made them, what a simple book to share hints of those truths! 


Pro-choice or Pro-Abortion?

Recently Planned Parenthood released their 2008 annual report. From the report we found that for every single adoption referral Planned Parenthood performed 134 abortions. When we talk about giving women choices, is not adoption a choice? Then why is it, that Planned Parenthood does NOT have developed options and more resources on adoption? It's because Planned Parenthood is NOT pro-choice but pro-abortion.

Image & info from LiveActionBlog

Also, if you haven't already seen the recent footage released by LiveAction that exposes Planned Parenthood's value of abortion above the U.S. law (reporting the sex trafficking of minors) then watch this video. Christian brother or sister, be informed about Planned Parenthood & evils going on there.

Watch the full unedited version here and here

Now you tell me, is Planned Parenthood pro-choice or pro-abortion?


Lemon Faces

Funny video of babies tasting lemons. Enjoy, happy Monday! 



Recently my husband told me “your feathers are easily ruffled.”  My husband doesn’t point out things to me very often, so when he did, I was so appalled-it was funny. Well, my husband is funny. Only he could point out a flaw to me and at the same time make me laugh. Laugh in a how-could-you-say-that-to-me-kind-of-way! 

I thought about my feathers being ruffled for a bit. It was hard. It was hard to receive criticism. Someone saying that you fall short of a standard doesn't tend to be easy. It made me think, is it so hard because I’m so critical? Well, if I’m being honest, that’s not hard to answer. Just ask my Sunday morning Starbucks date, she’ll tell you that being critical is something I am often trying to defeat. 

Right now I am reading Counsel from the Cross by Elyse Fitzpatrick & Dennis Johnson and I read an amazing paragraph on criticism:

Do I find it difficult to receive criticism? Are your transparent and vulnerable before your friends or defensive and self-protective? In your mind do you rehearse your accomplishments or others’ faults when someone corrects you? Do you think that criticism is always a bad thing? If you find it difficult to take criticism, it’s because you haven’t believed what the cross says about you. The cross is the most blatant statement of criticism ever displayed (my own emphasis added). It says you deserve to die. You deserve to be stripped and naked and humiliated and then to receive the righteous wrath of a just God for all eternity. That’s what we all deserve. But we have been given grace, forgiveness, and relationship with Him. You would need to defend yourself from criticism only if you didn’t have a Savior who loved sinners. If you are defensive, you are missing the gospel.

I did try to defend myself from his concerns about me. But don’t you see this? Don’t you see that? I asked him playfully (yet out of the overflow of my heart) This hurt me and that was crossing the line! I told him defensively. But then this quote points me to the gospel. I am a dirty, rotten, sinner. I deserve what Jesus received on the cross. That should have been me. No remark is as true as “You deserve to die.” When I think about that, no other criticism comes close. All critical thoughts of others fade away.

And as far as defending goes? It's unnecessary.  I don't need to save face because Christ didn't. If it’s true sin that my feathers are easily ruffled (and they are) then it was gracious of the Lord to point it out to me-it shows me I'm his daughter (a sinful one-yet his still HIS). If a criticism doesn't ring true then let them come all the same, after all, if I have truly been crucified with Christ, then this false accusation is nothing in comparison to what Christ received. And I don't deserve to be treated better than Jesus.

But whether the criticism is even true or not, I like what Dr. Poirier says in his article The Cross and Criticism: "If God has justified me, who can condemn me? If God justifies me, accepts me, and will never forsake me, then why should I feel insecure and fear criticism? Christ took my sins, and I receive His Spirit. Christ takes my condemnation, and I receive His righteousness.” No matter my sin, I am justified, accepted by God himself because of His Son Jesus that took on my condemnation, and I have undeservedly received his righteousness.

No matter what type of criticism we receive, may we not fear our pride being hurt, our hearts being shown, or the opinions of others. May Jesus sanctify my critical heart so much that I can one day respond to criticism this way:

"You have not discovered a fraction of my guilt. Christ has said more about my sin, my failings, my rebellion and my foolishness than any man can lay against me. I thank you for your corrections. They are a blessing and a kindness to me. For even when they are wrong or misplaced, they remind me of my true faults and sins for which my Lord and Savior paid dearly when He went to the cross for me. I want to hear where your criticisms are valid."
My feather’s being ruffled isn’t even the half of my sin. Yet I am still loved and forgiven by my gracious Savior. How sweet the cross looks even in the face of criticism.



I am always changing the wallpaper on my desktop. From pictures of our wedding to friends, to pictures of my niece and nephew. Recently I have loved the pictures/wallpaper that have been coming out from TheResurgence & Abort73.com. On TheResuregence blog they'll make a cool graphic designs of scripture. My favorite of their is:

Another place I get wallpaper from is Abort73.com. This is my favorite: 

 Below I listed the links for you. Enjoy!


Get a free book on Adoption

Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families & ChurchesAre you considering adoption? Does someone you know and love want to adopt? Well if that is your case, then this will be a great resource and encouragement for you! Via Justin Taylor's blog I found out that the audio book Adopted for Life by Russell Moore will available for free the entire month of February! Go HERE to download it and follow the directions. I've mentioned Russell Moore, a couple of times. See here and here. If you do NOT have have this book, this is a great time to get it for free FREE! Did I mention it was free already? Sorry. I'm excited.


Fool Moon Rising

I first saw Fool Moon Rising by Kristi & T. Lively Fluharty at Westminster Bookstore (which provides an excellent list of children's books) This fun, rhmying book tells a tale of the moon boasting away at all the great songs about him, all the people that have visited him, how he could change shape and even disappear! Then one day his pride is revealed and he confesses that his light comes from the Sun. Now he reflects,
"the light with all his might
The Sun is now his boast"

And it ends with a little boy on his knee's praying:

"So God I pray for grace each day
To find the joy thats true,
In all my days in all my ways
In making much of You!"

Some bigs words like: brag, boast, pompous and croon are in the book as well as abstract words like: fame and pride. So either explaining the words as you go to little ones (that will endure it) or reading the book to older kids that will understand it will be most helpful. Either way, I hope that you add this book to your family library!

Would you like to see the entirety of the book? It's beautiful! Just go to Crossway and click on the book.

Family Worship

Last night I caught the last half of Joel Beeke speaking to the men at Desiring God Pastor’s Conference. (I’m not sure how many men follow this blog, but either way, I think it’s helpful for single mom’s leading devotions as well). The Desiring God blog listed some of his practical advice on Family Worship. Here are the ones that stood out to me:
  • Be short in your prayers when your children are young: 3-5 minutes when your children are young, 7-8 minutes when your children are older. Be simple in your prayers without being shallow. Be direct in your prayers, naming your children by name and spread out their needs one by one before God.
  • Don't make Family Worship too long and provoke your children. Maybe 10 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night.
  • Involve the whole family in the reading, as soon as your children can read. Even before they can read, give them a Bible. If you have 20 verses to read and you have 5 people in your family, each reader should take 4 verses.

To read all of them go here.


Abortion Argument: What about rape & incest? #1

{What about a woman who is pregnant due to rape or incest?}

Answer #1: Pregnancy due to rape is extremely rare, and with proper treatment can be prevented.

Firstly, Alcorn cites the Guttmacher Institue saying that consenting fertile adults only have a 3% chance of getting pregnant from an act of intercourse. Also, they say that other factors reduce the chance of the pregnancy of rape victims. They say that only 1% of all abortions per year are due to rape or incest. Alcorn writes that this misconception about many pregnancies being due to rape is because “fearful young women will sometimes attribute their pregnancies to rape, since doing so gains sympathy and avoids condemnation.” Driving it home he points out that even, “the young woman called ‘Roe’ in the famous Roe v Wade case-who elicited sympathy in the court and media because she claimed to be a rape victim-years later admitted that she had lied and that she had not been raped at all.”

Alcorn notes that Prochoicers will often bring up this argument because of the sympathy factor it gets (and it should get sympathy). However, bringing this up so much, leaves the wrong impression that many pregnancies are due to rape or incest. Which clearly is not true.

Well, I do hope that was helpful, stop by for more answers soon!

But before you go, meet Norma McCorvey the Jane “Roe” of Roe v Wade who was the plaintiff in the case that legalized abortion on demand. Here’s what she wants you to know….

Why am I doing this? Read here.