Teachers/Parents Books

Though I haven't read these all, many of them have really helped me in patience and conversation with children at work. I am no parent, but the more I teach the more I see my limitations as a teacher. I do my best at work and at church with the kiddos, but the real impact will lie with the parents. So far there are three types of books: 

1) Books on actual parenting- Biblical call of parents, discipline, routine/tradition
2) References- These books will help you answer hard questions your children may ask about God
3) Parenting & Specifics- This may deal with parenting a child with a disability, or being a parent of grown children, grieving the loss of children, etc

Also, I'd like to add just because parenting books are from the local Family Christian Bookstore, doesn't mean they are helpful. A few questions I ask myself to evaluate their "helpfulness" are:

1. Do they have good reviews by respected pastors/theologians?
2. Do they relate Jesus to every issue of parenting?
3. Does the book promote behavior modification or heart change? Heart change makes the shelf :)

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