Money & Raising Genderless Babies

I've really been lacking on the Wednesday children's books haven't I? I'm starting to think I may have to change it to "Good-Reads-Regarding-Children-Wednesdays." :) So today instead of a children's book recommendation this week I've found a couple of articles that I thought would interest readers who follow.

Training Your Children Tim Challies discusses a book he recently read on training your children to steward their money for the glory of God. To do this he says kids need to have both money and a realistic context to use it wisely or badly. He gives helpful grids to guide parents in the amount of money they give their children depending on factors such as age and where you live.

The Myth of the Genderless Babies Albert Mohler writes about one family that is raising their child genderless, only close family members know the real gender but to the rest of the family, friends, and the outside world, they don't want the child's gender to be a part of who the baby is. Mohler talks about why the gender is important, and what we are saying about God when we disregard it.


Scripture Wallpaper!

Computer "wallpaper" that is. I just started following Tim Challies . Fun so far. Last week he posted some of his favorite wallpapers. Here are a preview of some of them. But if you want them for yourself, check out the various sizes here.


Don't talk to strangers!

Here is a video of a little girl and her dad. They made up a song called "Don't talk to strangers" they are very cute. To see her more popular song go here where they played on Ellen together.

Sorry it's posted so late in the day!


Happy Birthday James!

Today is my husband's birthday! While we both have opposite schedules, we do see each other early in the morning and late at night. I hope to make the evening special for him with a late but warm meal, and then set up his favorite game of settlers. I like to tell him that the main reason I married him is because he's warm (and I'm always cold) but of course that's not the complete truth. Here are some pictures to let you know a little bit about how amazing my husband is.

Though we haven't even been married two years, it seems that each new experience I learn more about him. Since I've been pregnant, he's taken care of me so well. For awhile, he's been making me breakfast and bringing me lunch when I don't have one. And also just letting me cry when my hormones seem to be out of control. I'm thankful for the life that God has given James, I'm thankful for the man Jesus is making my husband. Happy Birthday to my sweet husband. I love you!


Russell Moore on Parenting with the end in view

 In March, I was blessed by my church to be sent to the Children Desiring God conference! It was amazing! Among many great seminars, Russell Moore's still stands out to me. If you have some time, you can watch the video I posted, or you can download it to your itunes here, or click the audio while you clean here.


Scripture Memorizing for Families

Memorizing scripture is easier when it's to the tune of a song-especially for kids who aren't embarrased about it. Therefore, I'd like to recommend this CD to families. It's definitely a CD I'd like to have in the car with my kids. If you order the CD with this code BTW20 you can get it for 20% off and it comes with 2 of the same CD's. So you could give one away. Hear the entire album here.


Ripping paper makes baby hysterical

Imagine when she can rip paper on her own at Christmas, they won't even need to put anything in the boxes, she can just enjoy the unwrapping part. Hope this makes you smile! Happy Monday!


Kid's sleeping & modesty

Enjoy some helpful articles I read over the past couple of weeks. Hope they encourage you!

Stickers from a Bunk Bed: Jessica Thompson (daughter of Elyse Fitzpatrick) writes about how using God's word with little ones can be used in the wrong way. If we use scripture to give law instead of point to Jesus, we aren't giving them what they need.

Go to sleep! This is a book review of "Go the ____ sleep!" by Shepherd Press ( a great blog to follow). Its a popular new book on Amazon about getting your children to sleep. The review uses the beliefs and ideas that are approached in a "child-centered" way to talk about secular parenting and encourage parents not to let the child rule the home.

A Few Modesty Questions Going to youth group I always heard that you shouldn't make your brother stumble by what you wear and that beauty is found on the inside of me not on the outside. As I've gotten older, I appreciate the women that encouraged us as young ladies to dress modestly, but I think they missed the biggest part about modesty-that it's not so much about the clothes I wear, but about my heart. These questions help women see the heart behind their clothes. So helpful!


Live with Paul Tripp

I was very excited to see that Desiring God will be going Live with Paul Tripp tonight. If you don't know who Paul Tripp is, let me just say, he really helps parents get to the heart of their children (as compared to behavior modification). To help you understand here's a summarized story he frequently tells in his books:

Him and his wife had a bad apple tree. It wasn't bearing good fruit and didn't look healthy. So one day he buys a ton of apples, gets a ladder and a staple gun. He goes to the tree, rips off all the bad apples and then starts stapling on all the good ones. Then he tells his wife that the tree is fixed. Obviously, the tree isn't fixed, the roots need change so that there can be good fruit. He uses this story to talk about how parents often try to fix their children's behavior when what they really need is change at the roots-they need to get to the heart of their children.

Our church just bought the content he will be talking about which is "Getting to the Heart of Parenting." I've learned a lot from the sessions I've watched so far, and he is very enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend tuning in tonight if you can. Tune into DesiringGodLive at 7:00 PM (EDT) which is 3:00 PM (PST). Go here to find out the time for your specific time zone. Let me know if you plan on tuning in or what you liked!


In tha Muthahood

My friend posted this on FB last week. If you are a mom or at least work with kids like me, you will definitely find this funny! Happy Monday!


Books Children Love

I haven't bought any new children's books lately and even though this isn't a children's book, I thought it would be an excellent resource for teachers or parents when filtering through books at bookstores. Books Children Love by Elizabeth Laraway Wilson is about picking out the "worthwhile" books amidst the what I would call less quality ones.  Here's what crossway publishing says about the book:

A love for reading is one of the most precious gifts that we can give children. It nurtures their imagination and creativity, lets them explore other worlds, and opens their minds to new truths and knowledge in appealing, inspiring ways. But how can we sort through thousands of children's books to discover the really worthwhile ones?
Elizabeth Wilson offers us a newly revised, comprehensive guide to the very best in children's literature. Just as in the original volume, she comments on the tone and content of excellently written, captivating books in over two dozen subject areas. Hundreds of new titles have been added while retaining timeless classics and modern favorites-all of which respect traditional values. So that no matter what the children's ages are or whether they love fact or fiction, you can trust these books to share things that you can believe in and kids will delight in.
I'm definitely adding this to my Amazon Wish List!


5 year old needs a job before getting married

Monday posts are back. Enjoy this little adult girl. :) Happy Monday.