Adopting a child of a different ethnicity than your own

My husband and I are interested in adoption. We don’t know when it will be or how but we do know that we see the gospel beautifully represented in adoption, and since we have been adopted into the family of God, we’d like to give that picture to our future family. We want to give that picture more specifically through transracial adoption. 

You may start to feel worried for either the child or for us. “Oh the complications!” you may think. Identity issues! Children teasing! etc., etc. We have our reasons for wanting to transracially adopt but are your reasons for NOT transracially adopting biblical? Below is a quote from Russell Moore’s book Adopted for Life. May his words stop our worldly hesitations about transracial adoption:

“…If you’re not sure you can love a child with a different skin color than yours, the first step for you has nothing to do with the adoption process. Repent, and open your heart to love.”
For most Christians, though, the issue of racial identity isn’t an obstacle. For many of you, instead, the concern is about family members and how they’ll react to a child of a different race. I’ve seen couples convulsing in tears on the couch in my office, asking how they can love their new child and honor their father and mother at the same time. I’ve seen family members of every race and every region of the country turn up their noses at the idea of a niece, nephew, or grandchild of another ethnicity, usually with some highly spiritual rhetoric about honoring father and mother or about ‘the best interest of the child’ or a thousand other reasons.
What I’m surprised by is how many of these extended family members are deacons or women’s ministry directors or ushers or Sunday school teachers in their churches. They’re blissfully unaware, it seems, that what’s resting on them is the spirit of the antichrist. They seem not to comprehend that their own devotion to their flesh would disqualify non-Semitic folks like them from the promises of God. If Jesus agreed with them on adoption and race, they’d be in hell.”
Don’t get me wrong. There are real fears and hesitiations about adopting a child from a different ethnicity. All I am saying is we must use the gospel with our own adoption into the family of God to see if those fears are real barriers.

In November, there was a link posted of Q & A’s with Thibiti Anyabwile. He uses the gospel to talk about those fears and hesitations people may have about transracial adoption. If you’d like to check it out go here or here. 

Also another good article on Transracial adoption can be found here at www.toomanyaborted.com


The Big Red Tractor and the Little Village

Last week I featured a book called Halfway Herbert by Francis Chan. Yup he doesn’t have just one children’s book out but TWO (and another on the way)! Yay for us! Before it was a book, it came out on youtube. So I’ll let you see the story for yourself!

You can purchase the book here.


A Christmas Message from my husband

My husband, James, recently had the opportunity to give a message at his sister’s bible study. Someone was kind enough to record it, so I thought I’d post the Christmas message here. James talks about us being enemies of God and goes on to talk about how God did something we could never do on our own: he sent salvation to sinners through his son Jesus Christ. There are a few minutes missing from the beginning, but it will still make sense. Feel free to leave feedback and I will pass it along to James.


"It blowed up princess Laya's planet"

Happy Monday! This is star wars according to a 3-year-old! Even if you are not a fan, I’m sure you can appreciate her cute details! And remember "Don't talk back to Darth Vader-he'll getcha."


Jesus Storybook Bible

Sorry guys! This post was scheduled for wednesday (my book-featuring-day) but I must have done something wrong b/c it didn't work out. So here is the post that was supposed to be up on weds.  Watch the video with a child in your life! Buy the  the bible too! It's worth it! 
The Jesus Storybook Bible is rich. It's written by Sally Lloyd-Jones (sorry, no relation to Martyn Lloyd-Jones) and the art is by Jago.We have it at our church and sometimes while we wait for the parent’s to pick-up I love to read the story that relates to our lesson. The pictures are full of color but more importantly, there’s no fluff in this bible. The tag-line is “Every story whispers his name.” So often children’s bible’s are filled with “me, me, me” “Jesus loves me.” “God made me special” Jesus is my friend.” “I am special.” (while those things may be true, we are not the focus God is) So when you come across a children’s bible that with a tag-line like that (God-centered), you gotta appreciate it! 

Here is a timely video about the birth of Jesus. It’s a double-blessing because you check out the words and pictures before buying it AND you can watch it with kids in your life this Christmas season!
You can purchase the book here.


Hymns-Page CXVI style

If you liked the hymns I features on Tuesday you will enjoy these too. They also have a 3rd album out, that is available for purchase. Go here if you are interested. Enjoy the hymns my friends.


Hymns & Holy Hip Hop

Lately I've been listening to two types of music that I never really liked. Numero uno is Hip Hop- Holy Hip Hop that is. Times listening to guys like Lecrae, Shai Linne and Timothy Brindle have been so edifying and encouraging. My first time listening to them, I was surprised to find that there is more scripture in this music than most music on the average Christian radio station. But I'll stop there about that because this post is to introduce you to hymns-or should I say re-introduce you? Like Holy Hip Hop, many hymns are filled with rich truth. Many focus on Jesus and his grace for sinners-and oh how often we need to be reminded of that! They are beautiful. So let me re-introduce you: Friend, these are hymns. Hymns, these are my friends. (Jennie, you inspired me to put them back up-I'll put the other album up soon)

Interested in purchasing it? Go here.


Ukulele Boy sings "I'm Yours"

If you watched the video in my post last monday, you saw a little boy that was doing his own pre-k (just an assumption) version of “I’m yours” by Jason Mraz. I had to find him and let you guys watch the whole thing. His facial expressions are priceless. Happy Monday!


A father's role in his children going to church when they are grown

Whether  the world likes it or not. God made mothers and fathers to have certain roles.  Obeying or disobeying those God-given roles have certain outcomes.  A study done in Switzerland “reveals the connection between church-going habits of mothers and fathers and the effect on their children when they are grown.” Here is an excerpt:

“…if a father does not go to church, no matter how faithful his wife’s devotions, only one child in 50 will become a regular worshipper. If a father does go regularly, regardless of the practice of the mother, between two-thirds and three-quarters of their children will become churchgoers (regular and irregular). If a father goes but irregularly to church, regardless of his wife’s devotion, between a half and two-thirds of their offspring will find themselves coming to church regularly or occasionally.” (Found originally on Justin Taylor's blog

Read the rest here. 

Not only does the study reveal the importance of obeying the roles God gives us, but it also highlights the importance of Christians marrying Jesus-loving people that love the church (Christians). Marrying someone that does not love Jesus and His church is very detrimental to the spirituality of future children (as revealed in the study).


Telling the truth about Santa

Picture from the Resurgence Blog

If you’ve ever struggled with what to tell children about Santa, then this article in the Washington Post should be helpful to you. It is written by Mark Driscoll. 


Halfway Herbert learns about the Holy Spirit

Recently one of the children in my class gave me a gift card to Barnes & Noble. As I use my journal weekly, the pages are once again getting low. So I thought I’d save the card for a new journal. But who am I kidding? After I found a cute journal, I headed straight for the children’s section. I figured there wouldn’t be a huge selection of “religious” books, so I browsed some of my faves like “Goodnight Moon”, “If you give a mouse a cookie” or “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

Out of curiosity I also looked at the “religious” children’s books. Sadly, there were not very many quality books (then again I wasn't there for hours or anything). They had a slew of different bibles and things like that so when I saw a book by Francis Chan I was so surprised! I’d known about this book since it’s release in October, but I’d never seen a copy of it before! 

Notice the half done hair & teeth! Love it!
The book is about little Herbert that did only half of everything he was supposed to do. He only tied one shoe, brushed only half his teeth, and eventually only told half the truth. Telling only a half-truth eventually got him into trouble. His dad explained that half a truth is a whole lie. He explains to Halfway-Herbert that Jesus wants his people to love him WHOLE-hearted and live WHOLE lives out for God. Herbert’s dad tells him “When we decide to follow Jesus all the way, God’s spirit fills up our hearts and helps us obey God.” Herbert understands that it is hard to do things all the way but with the Holy Spirit we can be helped to obey God. Herbert prays a prayer of repentance for not obeying God and asks for the Holy Spirit so he can know how to follow Jesus. Now Herbert tries to finish things. Chan writes, “He isn’t perfect, but God’s spirit helps him.”

After reading the story of Half-way Herbert, I figured my journal could wait. So I bought the book and I can’t wait to read it to the kiddos!

*If you are interested in quality children's books, stop by each week. Every Wednesday I will be featuring a children's/teen book that I believe is quality material. *


American Idol: Kids Edition

Since Adoption Awareness Month I haven’t quite got back into the Monday humor posts again. Sorry if you missed them but they are back! This one is funny. If you love Jason Mraz like I do (Capa & Serena) then you will love the little boy at 2:42! 

To watch the full video of the kids version of "I'm yours" Go here.


Filtering the children's books we purchase

Is it weird that when I go to a christian book store I immediately head to the children's section? Well, ever since I've listened to a message by Jill Nelson from www.childrendesiringgod.org on "Choosing God centered Resources" I've had more of desire to find good, sound (theologically correct), God-centered children's books.

So often children's books that have to do with bible themes are fluffy, moralistic, irreverent books. For example, stories about animals being able to see Jesus or give Jesus transportation (instead of the focus of Jesus himself), stories about morality (instead of being like Jesus), stories of bible characters dressed up as animals (young children are very literal and concrete-how confusing would that be!) these are some common themes-just to name a few. 

Like parents will often filter what their children can or cannot eat, choosing God-centered resources should be the same. Just because they sell a book in the local Family Christian Bookstore doesn't mean that book is a theologically correct book, centered on God (just sayin'). Having said that when I find a good quality book I get so excited! I imagine the kids I know it would be perfect for, I think about taking it to future babysitting jobs (yes I'm 24 and I still babysit), or giving it away to a child at a birthday party, and maybe even the book being a childhood memory for my own future children. Yes, children's books excite me!

Today I'd like to feature a book or graphic novel written by John Piper (or as my best friend Christy likes to call him "J. Pipe"). This book immediately attracted me because of a particular teenager in my life. Each week she comes to church by herself. She sits with my husband and I with her head in a book the entire time. Not just any book, a comic book-well a graphic novel to be precise. Junjo Romantico-to be even more precise. James and I recently ordered some book sets from the Desiring God Christmas sale-and to my delight this book was included in one of the sets!  I'm very excited to receive the book in the mail! Hope you get a chance to check out the book sometime!

The Gadarene - Graphic Novel (Trailer) from Edd Blott on Vimeo.

I would encourage you to listen to the msg by Jill Nelson on "Choosing God-centered Resources" here just scroll about half way down and download it for free to your itunes.


Desert and a lie

In our class we have a rule at lunch-time: eat your healthy food first. But sometimes that sugar is just so much more appetizing than the PB & J. Today, like everyday, one of the preschoolers asked me if they could have their desert before the sandwich.  And like always I said, “After you eat your sandwich, you may have your desert.” Not but two minutes later she came up to me and said, “Now can I have my desert? I finished my sandwich.” It was all a little too quick for me so I asked, “Did you really eat ALL of your sandwich?” She nodded. “So if I look in the trash cans, they won’t be there?” Normally, I never have to get to the trash can before they confess, but she didn’t confess. However, her body was telling me that she wasn’t telling truth so I followed through with checking the trashcans. She wasn’t lying about her food being in the trashcan nor was it crumpled up in her lunchbox. But still something wasn’t right. So I got down on my knees and I told her:

“Are you sure you are telling me truth? Even if you are not, I will still love you. It’s important that you tell me truth. I can handle it. Where is the sandwich, sweetie?”

That’s when she finally shrugged her shoulders.

Then she confessed, “Nikki ate it for me.”

I proceeded to say, “You told me you ate it, but you didn’t. What is that called?”

“Lying” she said.

“Is it okay to lie?”


“What does God call that?”


“That’s right and sinners sin. We are ALL sinners. You lied to me and that’s a sin. I lie too sometimes. And I am a sinner. You know what, sinners can’t go to heaven and be with God. Isn’t that sad? How can we get to heaven if we sin so much? .... Well, when we confess our sins, Jesus forgives us our sins. Loving Jesus and asking for his help is the only way to Heaven. When we love Jesus and trust him to forgive us our sins, God sees Jesus’ clean pure heart instead of our dark sinful hearts. Would you like to ask Jesus for forgiveness?

She wanted to so she prayed. “Dear God, Sorry I did that. Amen.”

What a sweet moment God gave me to talk about sin! I don’t think her prayer was a prayer of salvation, but I do think that she saw very intimately that we are sinners. It’s such a key thing in understanding the gospel!

Like always, whenever I have a conversation like that I tend to go over it in my head and think of how I would have done it differently.
I think I would have made an overarching statement about sin: Sin is loving anything else more than God. (You shall have no other gods BEFORE me. Ex. 20:3) Putting it this way, they will be able to see that they are sinners from sharing to eating their healthy food first. For example, if they are fighting over a toy (instead of addressing who had it first) we could talk about how neither of them were loving God the most as they fought for the toy. Both of them were thinking about themselves. When it comes to lying in order to eat that yummy desert, I could have talked about how she was loving food more than God. She loved that food more than God so much that she was willing to lie and trick in order to get it. That is not loving God the most- that is sinning.

Isn’t lying such a good indicator of what we are loving more than God? When I am tempted to lie about buying clothes, things are more important than God. When I am tempted to make a story better than it really was, people’s opinions are more important than God. When I see the kids lying about their healthy food, I see myself too.