Modesty is a heart issue

James and I were recently talking about modesty. Every now and then I look back at the purity talks at church when I was younger. Maybe it was just what my heart desired (law) but for some reason the thing that stands out most to me about modesty, is that you don’t want to make your brothers stumble so dress right and only give side hugs. I look back and I don’t remember anybody addressing the real matter of modesty.

It is my belief that you can be the most covered up girl, dress trendy and still have zero modesty. Why? Because modesty is a heart issue.  1 Peter 3: 3-4 says “Do not let your adorning be external-the braiding of hair and putting on of gold jewelry, or the clothing you wear-but let your adorning be the hidden person of the heart with the imperishable beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which in God’s sight is very precious…”

Some questions to consider when it comes to our modesty:
Why do I dress the way I dress?
Does my heart desire attention for the lack of clothing? Why?
Is my heart prideful for how well I cover up my body? Or do I do it for the glory of God?
Do my clothes highlight an issue with materialism? Why?
Do my clothes show my hearts desire for wanting praise of others in…
How trendy I am?
How original I am?
How frugal I am?
The next time you talk to somebody about modesty try to reach the heart. Ask questions and tell them Jesus has clothed us in His perfect righteousness and that is the best type of unfading beauty we will ever receive.  The only lasting beauty….

[I don’t think dressing trendy and original is a sin. But from my own experience I know it’s easy to slip into love of self, vanity, desire for praise & glory even when dressing “modestly.” Our heart issues are easy to ignore if we don’t have a deeper understanding of modesty.] 


Prego Pics

Well, earlier this summer you saw some pictures of me at about 5 months of being pregnant. Here are some pictures taken of me by 2 great photographers that are getting their talent out there. Check out their other pictures and websites!

About 8 months pregnant
Photos by Monterey photographer Monika Greenaway

About 7 1/2 months pregnant
Photos by San Diego photographer Karina Maccharles


Psalm 139 & Abortion

Psalm 139: 13-16 has plenty to say about life- the life of the unborn baby. For christians, these verses should help us to understand Gods thoughts on life in the womb. For the Christian, abortion is not just a political issue. It's not something just to think about when you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy (although that's a great time to figure it out). It's something that we should have a biblically grounded stand on (with a heart of grace & love as well) Read the following verses asking, "What does God have to say about life in the womb?"

For you formed my inward parts;
you knitted me together in my mother's womb.
I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully 
Wonderful are your works
my soul knows it very well.
My frame was not hidden from you
when I was being made in secret, 
intricately woven in the depths of the earth.
Your eyes saw my unformed substance;
in your book were written, every one of them,
the days that were formed for me,
when as yet there were none of them.

For women who are pregnant, God is forming and knitting those children together in the womb. God even sees the days of their lives and had them planned out even before they came to be. God sees their unformed substance even if we claim, they are not souls. I like a definition of a soul/ person that one man gave. He said it was "someone known by God." And doesn't God know all of his creation- even the "hidden frames" and "unformed substance"? Something to think about.


2 women & 1 Man who loved their children more than life

I recently came across two stories of women who denied cancer treatment when they found out they were pregnant. Their stories do not end ideally. Both women died but both of their babies survived. I admire these two women greatly for the courage they displayed in denying their own lives for the life of their children. Also, their selflessness blows my mind! In a culture who would NOT have condemned them had they chosen an abortion or even chemotherapy, the ease of those options did not hinder them from choosing the life of their babies first.

Why do these stories move me so much? Initially, it's their selflessness & courage. But more than that, I believe they point us to a greater story. Christ, being God, took on the heaviness of all his people's sin. He denied his comfort, his rights, his perfect record and his life that His people might gain life. Jessica & Stacie are two stories that point us to Jesus who did the same thing but at a greater cost. That's why their stories are so beautiful. May their stories help you to see Jesus better.

Jessica Council-" In August of last year Jessica Council – a beautiful, 30-year-old mother of one – noticed that she had a sore throat. At around the same time, she also began to suspect that she was pregnant....Jessica went to sleep with a headache and nausea. 'She did not wake up.'... The following day Jessica was near death, and Clint [her husband] gave the doctors the go-ahead to deliver by C-section. On February 6, little 'Jessi' was born, weighing only 1 lb 3 oz."

Stacie Crimm:"An Oklahoma woman died of cancer last month after refusing chemotherapy that would have threatened the life of her unborn child...Her daughter, Dottie Mae, was born August 16th by emergency C-section after Crimm collapsed in her home"


Childbirth & The Gospel Part 2

In last Monday's post "Childbirth & The Gospel", I asked for your thoughts on what childbirth has to do with the Gospel. My husband and I have been preparing for Rosie's arrival, and though I thank God often for and pray for her salvation, I couldn't help but think about how Childbirth (labor & delivery) relate to the gospel. Here are some of the answers I received back:

James, my husband:
"Maybe that the pain we experience in bearing children helps to worship Jesus who experienced more pain when He bore our sins. We experience that pain with God because Jesus went through that pain without God."

Abbey, a friend:
"Off the top of my head something Daniela and I would mention with her labor was that Jesus perfectly endured great suffering for the joy set before Him. In labor, you will endure in His strength for the joy of having Rosie with you..."

Wes, a friend:
"Heather, That is really sweet. I'm thinking that Gen. 3:15 is the key. The proclamation to the serpent that a Savior would come is a promise to reverse the curse that Adam and Eve brought about. Adam believed this promise and named Eve, meaning 'life,' knowing that the Savior would come through the line of Eve. A natural birth is a way of believing that, even though the pain of the curse is present, you are believing that Christ is the promised seed who reversed the curse. You are proclaiming to God, Rosie and others that you believe Jesus reversed the curse and that the pain is only temporary when comparing it w/ the eternal glory of one day being w/ Christ (Rom. 8:18)."

I'd love to hear anymore feedback, verses or articles you think may relate!


RP: Using a pumpkin to share the Gospel

It's that almost Halloween and time for pumpkin carving. Here's a post that I did last year:

I am aware that in Christian circles Halloween can be a hot topic. From what I know the celebration does indeed have it’s roots in pagan celebrations. Knowing that I understand that families would not like to be involved in typical activities on the 31st. Having stated that, I also know that there are many who dress up but with certain restrictions, and instead of going door-to-door they choose to go to a church carnival or something. Still others, see this as an opportunity to be involved in the community and reach out. I’m not sure where you stand, but I have nothing against any of them.

One thing I do love is family traditions. Just recently someone showed me the “pumpkin Gospel” (I would prefer to give it a more God-centered title J .i.e. “Using pumpkins to share the Gospel” but it is sorta long ) and I thought it’d be a great tradition go to the pumpkin patch each year in the excitement of going home to hear “daddy” tell the gospel story with a pumpkin.

Here is a video I found that goes through the “Pumpkin Gospel”

These are the steps he goes through:
The Seed
Hold it- Romans 3:23 “All fall short”
Cut it- Romans 6: 23 “ Payment for sin is death”
Dig it- John 3:16 “ Jesus died for our sins”
Carve it- 2 Corinthians 5:17 “New creation”
Light it- Mathew 5: 16 “letting your light shine”

(I found this website where more in-depth questions are asked at each step)

This tradition doesn’t have to stay within the family either! Make it a community time. Share the gospel with families at a “Pumpkin carving Party” and then have a “Story” of the GOSPEL. 


Rich Children's Music

Not monetarily rich- but rich in the sense of deep meaning. I came across Songs for Saplings via Tim Challies blog. He's giving away some of their music, and I entered to win. Whether or not I win though I did happen to get some of their free songs for children. They have two CD's of scripture songs, and three CD's of teaching songs.  The teaching songs are my favorite. Here are some of the questions the songs address:

Who is God?
Who made God?
Has God ever had a beginning?
What is a covenant?
What was Adam's part in the covenant?
Did Adam obey God?
Can you repent and believe in God?
What is meant by the atonement?
How were people saved before the coming of Christ?

Kids learn so much through music. You want kids to learn a verse, make a tune to it! Want them to learn rich truths? Have some quality music to have catch on to in the car-it's like unofficial catechism.  The songs listed above are free. Just go to www.music.songsforsaplings.com


All things children: Abortion, Stories, Instruction & Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Abortion & Adoption- "Out of the 52 million abortions in the US in the past 38 years, how many other Jobs’s have we extinguished?"

Hitler killed disabled children, and so do we-"...people with disabilities are frequently the first to be targeted for destruction."

Stories are Soul Food: Don't Let Your Children Hunger - A great post by N.D. Wilson on why Christians don't have to have a mistrust of telling/reading/creating stories that are fictional/magical.

Parents, Give Children Clear Instructions - Joel Beeke, is coming out with a new book on parenting on how to raise children in the covenant of grace. In the sampled passage, he talks about how parents may give a simple command but that when the child receives it, he/she may get something completely different. Check it out. 

Steve Jobs- I wanted my kids to know me - Shepherd Press is great blog that deals with family, children, adoption, & culture. The big talk right now is Steve Jobs, see what we can learn from the regrets of a man who changed technology. 


Sexual Abuse & The Gospel

Just watched a video of Janette....ikz on the subject of her own sexual abuse and the glory of God. She uses spoken word to tell her story. Love the part where she brings in the innocence of Jesus...

13th Floor: Sexual Abuse - Janette...ikz from Pure Path on Vimeo.

Originally posted by The Resurgence


Childbirth & The Gospel

My husband and I are hoping to have a natural birth-not just a "vaginal" birth but I mean a-no-drugs-at-all-birth. I'm hoping and praying we can do this, and trying to remember that Rosie will come into the world just as the Lord has sovereignly planned from the beginning of time.

To accomplish this goal of natural birth James and I have chosen the Bradley Method. Though I am super thankful for the explanations of pain and relaxation techniques, I feel I  am struggling to see how exactly the Gospel fits into it. I don't want labor to be a time I don't think about God.

I know that it's a beautiful process-how everything works. Babies being made in the womb? It points to a Creator. The natural benefits of breastfeeding? It points to a Creator. But what does Jesus, the cross, and His resurrection have to do with it? I'll be thinking about this...Let me know what you come up with as well.


Breastfeeding + pumping + vaccinations = Overwhelmed

While being pregnant there sure are a "roller coaster" of feelings. Happy one day because you get to see old friends and be excited by a shower of gifts for the little one, then overwhelmed the next thinking about breast feeding, having to pump, and which vaccinations to get or not get.

In the overwhelming moments it's easy to be anxious and feel like you don't have a clue. It's easy to feel nervous about making the wrong decision. But its so scary to feel weak. Then, by grace, I remember what God's word has to say about being weak. As uncomfortable as it is to not know the future and outcome of the decisions my husband and I make, I do know that His grace is sufficient and His power is made perfect in weakness. May I know Christ more through my weaknesses...

2 Corinthians 12:9
But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.


Pregnancy, Depression & Jesus

What is happening to me? I feel CRAZY,” I thought. I’d heard of depression in pregnancy before but naively thought, “That doesn’t happen to people who love Jesus.”  If you love Jesus and have been pregnant you may have felt like this at one point or another during pregnancy. Like me, maybe you tried to reach out and you got a response like “Oh you're just pregnant!” or “You’ve got 13 times the amount of hormones in your body now than you do on your period. You probably feel like you are on a roller coaster!” At some level, a sense of normalcy can help you get through the day but it certainly doesn’t take away lonely & sad feelings or give you a lasting hope.
                  For a good part of my pregnancy, I felt depressed. I cried and slept often. When my husband wasn’t home, TV and the couch were more than familiar to me. I’d never experienced the heaviness of depression. So I didn’t have a clue on what Jesus had to do with any of it.
                  One thing I was sure of: my sin. It seemed during this time that it was being magnified. All my “small” heart issues seemed to explode. If somebody said or did something that offended me, I didn’t just hide it away in the depths of my heart, no I cried about it, got mad about it, I was critical and rotten about it. During that time, my sin seemed greater than ever. And it was. My emotions took over and my sin soon looked bigger than Jesus. Occasionally I’d send up a shallow prayer of repentance but I still held back from His scary goodness. I felt like Elyse Fitzpatrick describes in one of her devotions* I ran in and out out of the Lord’s presence, asking for cleansing but not really wanting to know what this particular sin meant about me.
                  By God’s grace, He slowly brought me back to Him. One way was through my husband. When I told him things I thought I needed (deeper friendships, being out of the house, etc), James would graciously hold me, pray with me and remind me that Jesus is better, and He is what I need.  Another grace was the book “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands” by Paul Tripp** he addresses emotions in a way I’d never heard before. His words started to soften my hard heart:
                  “My emotions are one of the ways my heart expresses what I crave, treasure and serve….(they) reflect what we worship…God gave us emotions as he made us in His image; they are intended to help us live in communion with him. They are a key indicator of whether we are living in joyful covenantal communion with him or in the service of something else.”
Just reading something about God and emotions made me cry. It was a breath of fresh air to see what God intended with all these emotions. After all, it wasn’t an accident that pregnant women are loaded with hormones during pregnancy. God knows-He ordained it.
                  God continued to soften my heart through a sermon by our pastor.  As Pastor Tim preached on Psalm 22 (where David cries out My God, my God why have you forsaken me?) This whole time I was ashamed of the things I felt but Tim validated through the sermon that our feelings are real. In Psalm 22, David really felt forsaken at that point in his life just like I really felt lonely. Tim explained how emotions can be real & strong without being true. The truth is, that though David deserved to be forsaken-just like me- I won’t ever have to be forsaken because Christ was forsaken on my behalf so that I could be accepted. So though I may feel lonely-that is NOT ultimately true. I am not alone-Christ is with me, he promises never to leave me.
                  Maybe you are pregnant and depressed, or maybe you are just depressed. Let this be a beautiful time to commune with God. Lift up your emotions to Him. Let God show you your heart, but not just that-His great kindness. At the cross, we see the perfect Jesus who not only felt forsaken but WAS forsaken so that we could be accepted. Jesus knows the heaviness of what you feel he felt it even heavier. There’s no hope during this time, but Jesus.

*Comforts from the Cross by Elyse M. Fitzpatrick p84
** Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands by Paul Tripp p196


The Holocaust & Abortion-not THAT different

Today was the premiere of "180" a documentary by Ray Comfort. It's 33 minutes long and in it he attempts to have intelligent conversations with people to connect the Holocaust with Abortion. It comes down to a discussion on the value of human life, and if you valued the 11 million human lives that were lost during the Holocaust, wouldn't those morals roll over to your view of abortion? Watch the free documentary here.


Jesus: better than chocolate cookies

This wasn't the first time he was throwing fit. Last time he was waiting in anticipation as he was sure his name was going to be called to be next week's superstar. When it was a different name, his body went limp and fell to the floor. It wasn't so much a tantrum as it was a I-didn't-get-what-my-heart-prized-and-I-can't-let-it-go kind of fit. What does this kid need? We may say: He needs to be taught patience. He needs to be taught that in life you don't always get what you want. He needs to be taught that at school we take turns.  There are so many different behavioral and social avenues to take with this one. Or is there something deeper? He needs his heart addressed. He needs Jesus.

If we all need to hear about Jesus? Isn't it the same for kids? If we are all sinners? Isn't it the same for kids? They are sinners too, and the idols that hold their sinful hearts need to be addressed just like ours.

This time the fit wasn't about being the superstar... A plate of cookies was given to our class. All kinds of cookies. There were sugar cookies with frosting, chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and of course only one chocolate flavored cookie with chocolate chips. Now any teacher knows, that if there is one of something, it's best to avoid giving it out-because if everybody wants it, that could be a real problem. This little boy already saw that chocolate cookie though, and that was THE ONE he wanted. When he didn't get it, he wouldn't accept the cookie that everyone else got, because it wasn't the one that he wanted. He hid and sulked. He couldn't stop thinking about it. He thought so much about it, that he wouldn't even play at outside time. Instead he just sat there with tears welling up in his eyes.

What a silly situation to us adults right? But we too base our emotions on our idols. This little boy's idol was a chocolate-chocolate chip cookie and when he didn't get it, his world turned upside down. It's the same for us. When we don't receive the praise that we desire, our world turns upside down too. When we don't have the relationship we want, we are sad and depressed. Of course when we do get what we want, we are as happy as can be. My pastor talks about it a lot: we can see what we idolize by our response when we don't get it.

So I tried to address his little sinful heart: "You really wanted that cookie didn't you? And you got really sad when you didn't get it. I get really upset when I don't get something I want too. Let me ask you something. Even though cookies are really good, can you pray to cookies? (No.) Can cookies talk to you? (No.) Can cookies be with you all the time? (No.) Can cookies make a whole world? (No.) Did you know that there is something better than cookies? (What?) Jesus is better than cookies. Eating a yummy cookie is only good for a little bit, but Jesus is with us wherever we go and even forever if we want. If you'd like we can pray and ask Jesus that he would show you that he is better than cookies."

Well, that's as far as it went. He was not interested in praying, he still wanted his cookie more. But that little guy is no different than me. So often I want THINGS more than Jesus. Oh, how often it is that I don't believe HE IS better. But He is. Things that adults want and things that children want are NOT better than a Savior that satisfied the wrath of God on a cross for our sins. Jesus is better-a message for preschoolers and adults.

*Please understand I'm not saying that we shouldn't teach children patience or taking turns. Those are good things. Sometimes we forget to address their little hearts though and they need it just as much as we do.

Slugs N Bugs

I'm sure I've mentioned Slugs & Bugs before. Our class loves their songs. Here are a couple that the kids have really been enjoying the past few weeks. I wish I could videotape how well they've got the song down-even the fast parts.

God Made Me

Tractor, Tractor


How babies come out....according to preschoolers

Since I found out I'm pregnant things like sleeping, resting, being emotional and nesting have come before my blog. Sorry about that. I do have a list of posts I'd like to complete before Rosie (Yes, we are having a girl and her name will be Rosie Noella) comes. No promises. But I'll try.

Anyways, being visibly pregnant sure has stirred up lots of questions about how babies are born. Mrs. Wimberly and I like to keep it simple in our responses or turn the questions around on them. For example, when asked "How will the baby get out?" We like to respond by saying "Through a small opening in the body." Usually that's enough for their curious little minds and they run off to something new. 

But recently that WAS NOT the case with one of our little girls. I gave her my usual answer, and she was quiet for second. Then she asked "But where is the opening?" I said, "That's a good question that you should ask your mommy." Still not satisfied, she questioned further, "But do you know where it is?" Smiling at her consistency, I answered "Yes I do." "Is it the same as my mommy's?" "Yes, it's the same for all mommies." And then motioning her hands in circles she said, "Well can you just tell me what area of your body it is?" I was very impressed but told her she had to ask her mommy. Normally, I don't get the 2nd degree about how babies come out (from this age group) but this preschooler was something else.

Here are some my favorite answers when it comes to me turning the question on them:

"I think she's just going to crawl out of your throat"
"She will come through here (points to knee)"
"The doctor will just cut your tummy and take the baby out and then sew you back up" (Yea, easy for you c-section moms to explain!)
"The doctor will unzip your back and then take the baby out and zip you back up"
"She will come through your belly button"

Today one of the preschoolers was seriously concerned for my life when he said: 
"But Ms. Heather I don't want you to die."
"Why do you think I will die?"
"Well if the baby comes out through your eye, then you will die."
"Don't worry. She will not come out through my eye. God will take care of me. He always does what's best for His children."

If it were my own preschooler asking, I may respond with a bit more specificity. That would of course accompany a conversation about how that's "special" information that not all mommies and daddy's want their kids to know-so for now-it's only something to talk about at home. Since they are not my kids, I go about it this way, and at the end of the day let their parents know that they are interested in how babies come out. Seems the safest way to me so far. 

It's been fun being pregnant with the kids. Since Rosie has been kicking more frequently throughout the day, some of the kids have been really excited when they feel her move. I love explaining how God is growing her in my tummy and how she'll come when God makes her ready. Well, stop by again if you all haven't left already. I hope to have some more posts up soon!


My "Un-Birthday"

If you have a child with a birthday in the summer you may know what celebrating an "un-birthday" is. I am an August baby so that means no celebration with school friends in class. Yes, my self-esteem is very low due to that ;) Anyways, my thoughtful coworker decided to have an "unbirthday" for me on the last day of summer school. The parents were so kind and got me all kings of gifts.  The kids were giving me hugs & "I love you's" all day-not to mention a cupcake-cake! Out of all that, one of my favorite things of the day was the card I received from the kiddos. The card read....

Happy Birthday Ms. Heather! We love you because...

...because she tells us Bible stories.
...Have a Happy Birthday.
...Bible Time.
...I love her.
....I like doing art with her.
....She reads the Bible Story to me.
....She does special things and Bible Stories.
...Shes nice to me.
...She helps me clean up.
....She's having a baby.
...She's a good teacher.
...She does stuff.
....I love her.
...She's so nice.
....I like her Bible stories.

What an encouragement that when they think of me, they think of God's story! I've wanted to them to love and learn the Bible so much this year! I pray they remember how big and powerful and gracious He is to us by sending Jesus-the Rescuer to save us from our sin. 

The cupcake cake. Yummy!

With Mrs. Wimberly-the mastermind of my unbirthday.


Healthy baby or not

What do you want? A girl or a boy? Oh you just want a healthy baby, of course!”

If I could go back a month in my pregnancy, I wish I could answer those questions a bit differently. I wish my response could have been “Whatever the Lord chooses to bless us with, we’ll take.”

The truth is unhealthy babies are born everyday. Children are born without limbs and eyes. Children are born with multiple life threatening diseases and infections. Some children will suffer with illness till the day they die. And some children are born to only live for 3 hours. But the life in me is life made by my good God. So my husband and I say together, “We’ll take whatever the Lord chooses to bless us with.”

I know that God gives his children good gifts. Our little girl will be a gift whether she is healthy or unhealthy. Whichever it is, I trust she will be a gift for the glory of God and our good.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. –Psalm 127:3

Support Life in Indiana

Here's another easy way to be prolife. It took me less than a minute to support life in Indiana. Just sign this petition. Just go here.


Books for $1.99 this Friday

Just found this in an email from Shepherd Press. Go here on Friday! 

In case you the book titles are too small:

  • Get Outta My Face!
  • Craftsmen
  • Heaven At Home
  • A Proverbs Driven Life
  • Power Perfected In Weakness
  • The Gospel For Children    
     and more.....


45% off Jesus Storybook Bible-this week only!

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
Over at Westminster Bookstore there is a great sale going on. Among the many good books comes my favorite storybook bible for children The Jesus Storybook Bible. As hard as it is to get kids attention sometimes, my preschoolers love the way the stories are written. At rest time, they love to look at the colorful pictures and ask why I haven't read this story or that. If you have been wanting to buy this book or are looking for a quality children's storybook bible, then head over here to get it at 45% off. Remember, it's this week only. I'm going to be giving mine away at the end of the summer (to one of my kids, that especially loves it) , so I was happy to find such a deal. They also just made a larger "Read-Aloud Edition" which will be good for the classroom!

Here's what Tim Keller says about the book:

“I would urge not just families with young children to get this book, but every Christian--from pew warmers, to ministry leaders, seminarians and even theologians! Sally Lloyd-Jones has captured the heart of what it means to find Christ in all the scriptures, and has made clear even to little children that all God's revelation has been about Jesus from the beginning--a truth not all that commonly recognized even among the very learned." 

 Rev. Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York

A Response to the Warren interview & Egalitarian Wives

I'm officially changing wednesdays to "Good Read Wednesdays." (That is- until I come up with an improved and more catchy name, any ideas?) So here are some that I found particularly interesting this past week.

Piper Interviews Rick Warren: If you were one of the people that got all excited (in a "what-the-heck-type-of-way) when Rick Warren was invited as a main speaker to Piper's pastor's conference then this should interest you. Also, here is a response by Tim Challies on the interview itself.

I'm a complimentarian man with an egalitarian wife; Can I pastor? Russell Moore will address ethical issues from time to to time. This time he was asked if a complimentarian man could be a pastor even though his wife is egalitarian. His advice? Well, if he (the husband) is called to lay down his life for his wife-he could also lay down his calling...at least for awhile to study scripture with his wife ;) Check it out.

Recovering from Child Abuse: Help and Healing for Victims I love CCEF, their counseling issues never exclude Christ and the Word. They are solid. In this article David Powlison encourages victims that 1) Identity is bigger than abuse 2) Story is bigger than abuse and that Jesus redeems both of those things. Praise God for Christ centered counseling!


Money & Raising Genderless Babies

I've really been lacking on the Wednesday children's books haven't I? I'm starting to think I may have to change it to "Good-Reads-Regarding-Children-Wednesdays." :) So today instead of a children's book recommendation this week I've found a couple of articles that I thought would interest readers who follow.

Training Your Children Tim Challies discusses a book he recently read on training your children to steward their money for the glory of God. To do this he says kids need to have both money and a realistic context to use it wisely or badly. He gives helpful grids to guide parents in the amount of money they give their children depending on factors such as age and where you live.

The Myth of the Genderless Babies Albert Mohler writes about one family that is raising their child genderless, only close family members know the real gender but to the rest of the family, friends, and the outside world, they don't want the child's gender to be a part of who the baby is. Mohler talks about why the gender is important, and what we are saying about God when we disregard it.


Scripture Wallpaper!

Computer "wallpaper" that is. I just started following Tim Challies . Fun so far. Last week he posted some of his favorite wallpapers. Here are a preview of some of them. But if you want them for yourself, check out the various sizes here.


Don't talk to strangers!

Here is a video of a little girl and her dad. They made up a song called "Don't talk to strangers" they are very cute. To see her more popular song go here where they played on Ellen together.

Sorry it's posted so late in the day!


Happy Birthday James!

Today is my husband's birthday! While we both have opposite schedules, we do see each other early in the morning and late at night. I hope to make the evening special for him with a late but warm meal, and then set up his favorite game of settlers. I like to tell him that the main reason I married him is because he's warm (and I'm always cold) but of course that's not the complete truth. Here are some pictures to let you know a little bit about how amazing my husband is.

Though we haven't even been married two years, it seems that each new experience I learn more about him. Since I've been pregnant, he's taken care of me so well. For awhile, he's been making me breakfast and bringing me lunch when I don't have one. And also just letting me cry when my hormones seem to be out of control. I'm thankful for the life that God has given James, I'm thankful for the man Jesus is making my husband. Happy Birthday to my sweet husband. I love you!


Russell Moore on Parenting with the end in view

 In March, I was blessed by my church to be sent to the Children Desiring God conference! It was amazing! Among many great seminars, Russell Moore's still stands out to me. If you have some time, you can watch the video I posted, or you can download it to your itunes here, or click the audio while you clean here.


Scripture Memorizing for Families

Memorizing scripture is easier when it's to the tune of a song-especially for kids who aren't embarrased about it. Therefore, I'd like to recommend this CD to families. It's definitely a CD I'd like to have in the car with my kids. If you order the CD with this code BTW20 you can get it for 20% off and it comes with 2 of the same CD's. So you could give one away. Hear the entire album here.


Ripping paper makes baby hysterical

Imagine when she can rip paper on her own at Christmas, they won't even need to put anything in the boxes, she can just enjoy the unwrapping part. Hope this makes you smile! Happy Monday!


Kid's sleeping & modesty

Enjoy some helpful articles I read over the past couple of weeks. Hope they encourage you!

Stickers from a Bunk Bed: Jessica Thompson (daughter of Elyse Fitzpatrick) writes about how using God's word with little ones can be used in the wrong way. If we use scripture to give law instead of point to Jesus, we aren't giving them what they need.

Go to sleep! This is a book review of "Go the ____ sleep!" by Shepherd Press ( a great blog to follow). Its a popular new book on Amazon about getting your children to sleep. The review uses the beliefs and ideas that are approached in a "child-centered" way to talk about secular parenting and encourage parents not to let the child rule the home.

A Few Modesty Questions Going to youth group I always heard that you shouldn't make your brother stumble by what you wear and that beauty is found on the inside of me not on the outside. As I've gotten older, I appreciate the women that encouraged us as young ladies to dress modestly, but I think they missed the biggest part about modesty-that it's not so much about the clothes I wear, but about my heart. These questions help women see the heart behind their clothes. So helpful!


Live with Paul Tripp

I was very excited to see that Desiring God will be going Live with Paul Tripp tonight. If you don't know who Paul Tripp is, let me just say, he really helps parents get to the heart of their children (as compared to behavior modification). To help you understand here's a summarized story he frequently tells in his books:

Him and his wife had a bad apple tree. It wasn't bearing good fruit and didn't look healthy. So one day he buys a ton of apples, gets a ladder and a staple gun. He goes to the tree, rips off all the bad apples and then starts stapling on all the good ones. Then he tells his wife that the tree is fixed. Obviously, the tree isn't fixed, the roots need change so that there can be good fruit. He uses this story to talk about how parents often try to fix their children's behavior when what they really need is change at the roots-they need to get to the heart of their children.

Our church just bought the content he will be talking about which is "Getting to the Heart of Parenting." I've learned a lot from the sessions I've watched so far, and he is very enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend tuning in tonight if you can. Tune into DesiringGodLive at 7:00 PM (EDT) which is 3:00 PM (PST). Go here to find out the time for your specific time zone. Let me know if you plan on tuning in or what you liked!


In tha Muthahood

My friend posted this on FB last week. If you are a mom or at least work with kids like me, you will definitely find this funny! Happy Monday!


Books Children Love

I haven't bought any new children's books lately and even though this isn't a children's book, I thought it would be an excellent resource for teachers or parents when filtering through books at bookstores. Books Children Love by Elizabeth Laraway Wilson is about picking out the "worthwhile" books amidst the what I would call less quality ones.  Here's what crossway publishing says about the book:

A love for reading is one of the most precious gifts that we can give children. It nurtures their imagination and creativity, lets them explore other worlds, and opens their minds to new truths and knowledge in appealing, inspiring ways. But how can we sort through thousands of children's books to discover the really worthwhile ones?
Elizabeth Wilson offers us a newly revised, comprehensive guide to the very best in children's literature. Just as in the original volume, she comments on the tone and content of excellently written, captivating books in over two dozen subject areas. Hundreds of new titles have been added while retaining timeless classics and modern favorites-all of which respect traditional values. So that no matter what the children's ages are or whether they love fact or fiction, you can trust these books to share things that you can believe in and kids will delight in.
I'm definitely adding this to my Amazon Wish List!


5 year old needs a job before getting married

Monday posts are back. Enjoy this little adult girl. :) Happy Monday.


What's funny to a preschooler?

I came across this informative article when I was looking for some Monday Humor posts. If you have a preschooler, you will just be nodding your head in agreement the whole time you read. So what's funny to a preschooler?

Replacing Words:
My kiddos at lunch think their name-calling is so funny. "Give me back my juice Hot dog head." "Here you go, peanut butter." (though I think it's a bit funny, I usually respond with "You may call Kayla, Kayla.")

Preschool songs that remind me of this humor:
Willaby wallaby woo
"Willaby wallaby woo an elephant sat on you/
Willaby wallaby wee, an Elephant sat on me/
 Willaby wallaby wephanie, an elephant sat on Stephanie."

Down by the bay
"did you ever see a fly wearing a tie?"

You've got to read the whole thing here though. Thought this might be a fun read for some of you-but not quite a Monday Humor post. 


I'm back

Sorry for the long time of no posts, I just set up a bunch of Monday posts. So stay tuned! I have good reason for not posting. But that's a surprise for a later post. Let's just say I've been real sleepy, tired and hungry :) 


MIA (again)

Hi friends,

This week between the visit of my best friend and it being Easter week, I will have little time to write posts.  Have an amazing Easter, remembering what Christ did on the cross for His children.



Children's puzzles are hard...

This was the only one I found so far @ www.gatortots.com
Children's puzzles are hard to find! Our developing Children's Ministry at church thought it may be a good idea to invest in some puzzles. We thought if we buy puzzles that are stories of the bible, then it would be an easy & mellow way during free time to talk about God's story with the kids. HOWEVER, I'm having the hardest time finding Bible story puzzles! Of course I've found "religious puzzles" that are 100- 500 pieces, but that just won't do for a sunday school class.

Do you guys have any website/brand recommendations? I don't know where to start! Please share your ideas!


Albert Mohler & Abortion

"…the issue of ABORTION simply will NOT go away, it CANNOT go away. There is no single issue in America that has the moral valance and importance of abortion. When it comes down to the question of whether it should be lawful to destroy an unborn human life to kill an unborn human being, you are reaching one of the most divisive and insoluable social issues, political and moral issues and it is operational at all of those levels.

 –Albert Mohler
(emphasis mine)

The quote is from Albert Mohler's Monday briefing. If Mohler is right, that this issue will NOT go away and there is no single issue of greater moral valance and importance, shouldn't we do something? Shouldn't we call our senate, email our congressman? Babies being killed isn't just a political issue, my friends. Go here or here to take some action.


Calling all California Pro-Lifers- We need you THIS WEEK!

If you have been following the fight to defund Planned Parenthood, you probably heard some noise going on in the capitol on Friday night. There was talk of a government shutdown and there and there was one historic move for pre-born children in the District of Columbia. That's right, in the District of Columbia tax dollars will no longer go to abortion services! Unfortunately Planned Parenthood was NOT defunded, but it's not over yet. THIS WEEK WE NEED YOU PRO-LIFERS to contact your senators. We know that Boxer & Feinstein are NOT PRO-LIFE, but they need to know that Pro-lifers will not rest until abortion is at stop. They need to know we are here begging them to be our voice!

(To read more about Friday night go here)

I've already given you the phone numbers and the links. Just pick up your phone sitting right next to you. Just copy this pre-phrased paragraph and paste it at the provided link. There will be an official vote THIS WEEK to defund Planned Parenthood. Let your voice be heard!

Senator Barbara Boxer: (202) 224-3553
You will probably get her message machine so you could say something like this:
"Planned Parenthood is lying about providing mammograms, and 98% of their services for pregnant women are abortions. My hope is that you will represent what Pro-Lifers hope for and Defund Planned Parenthood."

Senator Dianne FiensteinEmail her here
You can copy & paste this:
"This week as you put in your vote over the Planned Parenthood debate, I hope that you will remember and represent my voice. I do not want my tax money to go to Planned Parenthood. Recently, we have seen the President of Planned Parenthood LIE about providing mammograms, and also footage of multiple clinics aiding & abetting underage girls. It is inappropriate and outrageous to think that tax money will be providing Planned Parenthood to continue in such a business! I along with the rest of the Pro-Lifers beg you to represent us. We beg you to vote on defunding Planned Parenthood."

Get your friends in on this!
Either post my "Calling all California Pro-Lifers-We Need you THIS WEEK" Or post this phrase on your FB status:

     Last week may have ended without de-funding Planned Parenthood, but we will continue to fight for women and their preborn babies until we see an end to abortion. As the members of the White Rose, the student-led Nazi opposition group, once stated, “We will not be silent. We are your bad conscience.” Call your Senator today and demand that they defund Planned Parenthood this week! www.exposeplannedparenthood.com

Seriously, does it get any easier than this?


Spanky gives it right in the kisser!

Raise your hand if you watched Little Rascals: Our Gang when you were a kid! When we rented these tapes from the video store, it was considered special family time. I believe the family favorite was Buckwheat. I couldn't find any particularly funny ones with him, so I went with Spanky. This clip is quite funny. How did they get such a little kid to make such wonderful facial expressions?

Well, Happy Monday!

Who was your favorite character from The Little Rascals?


This week I'll be MIA

This week my husband will be getting home earlier in the evening. It's exciting news for me since I only get to see him briefly in the mornings and then about an hour when he gets home at 10:30pm on the weekdays. Sooo...that means I won't have much to post, since I'll be staring at his handsome face instead of my computer :) Have a great week!


Facial expressions of singing children

This is a picture from a textbook of my "Music & Early Childhood" class in college. Though the title of the class was a bit deceiving, I did learn a ton about teaching children music-even how to teach a simple song. I love this old picture. Their facial expressions are priceless. My favorite expression is the one to the far right. Happy Monday!


Fatherless with Propaganda

Propaganda is so good at spoken word. Listen him to talk about the importance of a father over a home of financial gain.

The Gospel Song

The Gospel Song


Piper preaches on passing on a passion for truth

Desiring God just announced  that John Piper's audio & video is available from the Children Desiring God conference. His message, "The Sum of Your Word is Truth." is structured around 3 questions:

1. Why should you care about passing on a passion for the truth for the next generation?
2. What is the sum of truth that we want the next generation to see and embrace?
3. How can the next generation know that this is true and be joyfully confident in it?

Embarrassing story: My friend, Ysabel and I were the first ones in the room for this particular message. At this point, we'd never met him. As Piper did his mic check, we were sitting in the front row all by ourselves, not knowing what to do (take a picture? wave? or act like it's no big deal?) We decided to look busy browsing through notes or books, but inside we were very excited. See our picture with Piper here.

*Before you judge me :) , I've learned a lot from John Piper and his ministry-Jesus is bigger and better than him, he's just a man but Jesus is my Savior. 


New video catches Planned Parenthood President in a LIE

The whole Planned Parenthood controversy is a real touchy topic right now. If I post videos or stats about abortion and PP then I am sure to get somebody who doesn't quite agree. Both christians, and non christians are listening in. I don't mind that people chime in-it is good to THINK about this. Since I've been making my various posts, I've seen an underlining reason why we need Planned Parenthood. In some way or another it's said something like this "Yea but ABORTIONS aren't all Planned Parenthood does. We need them for other women's health services." Though there are more issues to address in that statement, the truth is Planned Parenthood lies about the services they provide. The president of PP (not just a random employee) said that PP offers mammograms. But this video shows differently.

I do not trust Planned Parenthood
not with women in crisis situations
not with women's healthcare
 and not with our tax dollars


Children's Book: The Priest with Dirty Clothes

The Priest with Dirty Clothes by R.C. Sproul is a story that will teach your children deep truth about what Christ did with our sin, and the perfect righteousness he gives us in exchange. Read this book to your children!

The story starts with two kiddos playing in the mud, their clothes are dirty. Infact, mom declares them ruined. So Grandpa comes over and their stained clothes remind him of a story about a priest…Jonathan just became a Priest and received his brand new priest clothes from the Bishop. His first assignment? To preach before the King. On the journey to the castle Jonathan’s clothes become ruined by the rainy weather. As he appears before the King, the court magician accuses the Priest of his dirty appearance before the Great King.

The Priest with Dirty ClothesHowever, the kind King gives Jonathan another chance, but he must come back clean. Hopeful, Jonathan goes to the town fuller who tells him that the stains are permanent and he’ll need new clothes. Then the Bishop tells him he only gets one set of clothes forever and he can’t do anything to earn a clean new set. Jonathan’s only hope is the King’s Son. When he goes to the Great Prince, the Great Prince makes a promise that he’ll have clean clothes the day he goes back to the castle.

Jonathan goes to the castle in his dirty clothes before the King. As the magician tries to accuse the Jonathan the Priest, the Great Prince walks in. He tells Jonathan to take off his outer Priestly garment. The Prince puts on Jonathan’s dirty, stained garments! Then the Great Prince gives Jonathan his own royal clothes! These royal clothes are special; they will never wear out or become dirty. Not only that, the Priest will be able to stand in the presence of the King forever.

On the cross, Jesus took on all of my dirty rotten sin, and gave me his unfading righteousness-a righteousness that I could never make unrighteous! What a deep and lasting concept to teach children! Most kids will not hear about this part of the gospel? Why? Firstly, it’s hard for Christians to truly believe themselves. We SIN SO MUCH! We think that we have ruined Christ’s righteousness. We think, "how can I even share this with kids?" OR we think this topic is too big, too much and too hard to understand.

But listen! My preschoolers got it! When I asked who the King is like they said “GOD!” When I asked who the Great Prince reminds us of they said “Jesus!” When I asked who Jonathan with the dirty clothes is like they said “Us!” Imagine, these kids hearing the story over and over again growing up. This thing that Christ has done for us will be precious to them in times of mourning their sin!

What an amazing story to share with children to help them understand what it means for Christ to take on our sin, and then for him to give us his unfading righteousness. Let your children hear stories like this at a young age!