Family finds

These are some of the blogs I follow. These are how I find posts on family related topics. I highly recommend each of these. Hope you find them encouraging and helpful. Let me know some that you follow!

Give them Grace- Elyse Fitzpatrick and her daughter Elyse Fitzpatrick have gotten together to not only write a book called Give them Grace but also write posts on gospel-centered parenting. A very encouraging and helpful blog.

Shepherd Press- They put out the the book Shepherding the Heart of a Child by Tedd Tripp. They often have posts that have to do with family that are gospel-centered.

CBMW Blog- Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood will have posts that typically cover gender issues; motherhood, fatherhood, raising children, daughters and sons, being a wife, being a husband.

The Resurgence- At least once a week they will have a post or two on being a spouse or raising children. They tend to be simple, gospel-centered and very helpful.

The Works of God- John Knight attends Bethlehem in MN. His blog is typically related to God's glory in people/children with disability and he is a big pro-life advocate. Listen to his interview with John Piper here, here and here. So encouraging! "Informing the Reforming" He puts out a few posts a day and I like his daily "A la Carte" posts where he gathers the best of his posts from the day b/c he seems to follow a lot of good blogs. At least once a week I find a good post about children through him.

Albert Mohler- If James went to seminary I'd be an advocate for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary because I'd want to meet Albert Mohler :) & Russell Moore. But seriously Albert Mohler comments from a solid biblical perspective on current events-he's seriously up to date on ALL of them! I linked to his topics on childhood. Def check him out!

Moore to the Point- At the Children Desiring God conference I was blessed to meet Russell Moore and hear him speak on parenting. Many of posts are about christian morals and he relates them back to the gospel. Add him to your blog roll fo sho. :)