My "Un-Birthday"

If you have a child with a birthday in the summer you may know what celebrating an "un-birthday" is. I am an August baby so that means no celebration with school friends in class. Yes, my self-esteem is very low due to that ;) Anyways, my thoughtful coworker decided to have an "unbirthday" for me on the last day of summer school. The parents were so kind and got me all kings of gifts.  The kids were giving me hugs & "I love you's" all day-not to mention a cupcake-cake! Out of all that, one of my favorite things of the day was the card I received from the kiddos. The card read....

Happy Birthday Ms. Heather! We love you because...

...because she tells us Bible stories.
...Have a Happy Birthday.
...Bible Time.
...I love her.
....I like doing art with her.
....She reads the Bible Story to me.
....She does special things and Bible Stories.
...Shes nice to me.
...She helps me clean up.
....She's having a baby.
...She's a good teacher.
...She does stuff.
....I love her.
...She's so nice.
....I like her Bible stories.

What an encouragement that when they think of me, they think of God's story! I've wanted to them to love and learn the Bible so much this year! I pray they remember how big and powerful and gracious He is to us by sending Jesus-the Rescuer to save us from our sin. 

The cupcake cake. Yummy!

With Mrs. Wimberly-the mastermind of my unbirthday.


  1. Well, Happy Un-Birthday Heather! I love the picture with Mrs. Wimberly. You are getting so big! Congrats! November will come soon enough. I can't wait to start showing. I'm in the 4th month and just waiting for a bump. Hope you are and James are doing well. Hopefully we can get together soon!

  2. How precious! My favorite is "she does stuff"

  3. Hahaha! Oh they're all so cute, though I must say my favorite is "We love you because... she's having a baby" <3