10 Gospel Truths-They're Back!!!

If you enjoyed the 10 Essential Gospel Truths from March you will be excited about this book like I am! Helping Children Understand the Gospel has each of the 10 truths that I posted! It’s only $7.50 and you can have it at the reach of your hands! I just bought my copy. Lord willing, I will get good use out of it this summer with my very own class to teach (It’s not set in stone yet). Obviously, the truths in this book have been a huge blessing to me. But it’s not just me others have praise for the truths it contains too:

"It has been amazing to have the gospel forefront in our family's everyday living. We are learning 'everyday talk' and to keep the gospel central."
"This is not just truth our kids need to learn. We are learning, too!"
"We've been keeping the 10 Gospel Truths on the dining room table to talk about during dinner. In the last few weeks, my husband and I have noticed just how much more we talk with our kids. (We'd been getting away from sit-down family meals for awhile and made a new commitment to all be there.) We've had great conversations with the kids about God as Creator, tried some of the activities about the crayon saying to the designer 'I don't want to draw,' and we've seen the kids really 'get' the idea that God made our world—not evolution! God made them—and is the Boss! God wants them to obey—every day!"
As a refresher,  I listed the10 Essential Gospel Truths that will be presented in the book.  I’m sure it will be all I’ve said & more! Get the book! Have some great conversation with the children in your life or even friends in your life!

4.      Man is sinful.

 To read a more in-depth review of the book. Go here.

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