Student Appreciation

The school year is coming to and end L Some will be with us through the summer and some won’t.  So I’m preparing myself to say goodbye and I thought of some ways the children have been a blessing this school year. If there were a student appreciation day, this is what I'd say. 

It blesses me when…

You see me at a birthday party and run up to hug me.
You are willing to feed a disabled friend your string cheese.
You remember my middle name.
You teach your younger siblings our Spanish songs.
You’re walking to the bathroom and stop to give me a hug on the way.
You tell me why the chicken crossed the road.
You forgive your friends.
You say “Ms. Heather your shirt is gleaming!”
You see flowers at the store and ask your mom to buy them for me.
Your first response to our morning greeting is a big toothless smile.
You sing “Feliz Navidad” to yourself at the art table.
You take me by the hand to show me your creation.
You see a friend crying and give them a hug.
You apologize even though it’s hard.
You draw a picture of Jesus and I being best friends forever.
You remember my husband’s name.
You tell me after seeing the tire boot on my car,
 “Ms. Heather you can call my dad and he will handcuff them.”
Because, after all, he is a police officer.
You are excited that I’m coming to your house.
You correct me after I said “roj-a” instead of “roj-o”
You understand that “God is the boss of Ouwies
I’ve only been gone for half of the morning and you say,
 “Ms. Heather I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”
You comfort me about missing you guys next year by saying,
 “but you will have more kids to teach Spanish to next year.”

God is sooo good to have let me have the experiences that I did with these children. Through conversations about Jesus to “Tiempo de Espanol” to building things with them, I’ve been extremely blessed that God gave me an opportunity to get to know each of them. I will soak up these next couple of weeks!


  1. I'm so glad that you love what you do and where you work. What a blessing, indeed! :)

  2. Totally! I'm learning so much! Praise God!

  3. What cuties! I wish I could see pictures of their toothless smiles!

  4. You are pretty-your husband

  5. Those children are so adorable. You too were so cute at that age too. Remember the time you hugged everyone good-bye in the circle, skipping one boy. Then he looked at you and turned back, sadly. Then you ran back and hugged him anyway. You were four years old.

  6. Hi Heather!
    Reading this made me smile, laugh, and cry! I recognized my son in some of your comments and I know that he was one of the big toothless smiles! :) As a parent of one of the kids in your class I can tell you that you have had a great impact on my son. He loves you and he knows that you love him back! What a blessing. Thank you! Jen