Video: Beautiful World

Hey all, still figuring out this whole blog thing. Sometimes I feel like I have so many things to discuss that I don’t know where to start. Then I get a little shy & decide not to blog about it all. So while I organize those thoughts and work on my bravery, here’s a really cool song by Giano that I found on Rapzilla.com. (Christy, you should really like this one). There’s some Spanish in it! Yay for Spanish! I love it when people mix Spanish & English together in songs! So enjoy! If you click on the link below you can download it to your itunes for free.

http://www.rapzilla.com/rz/content/blogcategory/24/66/12/12/ (It's at the very bottom of the page)

Lyrics to Beautiful World

How about Jesus? Yeah, we love the Lord, Hardcore!

Verse 1

He’s beautiful, computable? No! We want more, He’s so indisputable, [our] vocals are so sore from the praise. Our anger’s been changed to pure joy; our autobiography shame is pure poise. The sword of our Lord and His Spirit are not boredom. It’s obvious, your not timid to say you know Him. The multiplied languages say our corazón is purified, ordered, be glorified Lord! There’s so much pain the world, demasiado la muerte (pecado), pero la gracia…claro que si! Frequentemente alabamos, forget about it, let it out, ready shout, vamos! Cristo—el fuego dentro, the first degree; traigo la luz pa’ la lucha cuz it burns in me. No caigas tú por el falso, que somos la sal de la tierra, cantaremos el canto!


[Beautiful World] That we live in, inside us, surrounding our minds but be reminded that God has designed a [Beautiful World] So we gotta obey, while we praise to relate to see His beautiful face when He breaks the sky.
[Beautiful World] That we live in, inside us, there’s peace for a time but the prophecies cry for the fire [Beautiful World] So we gotta get straight in probation, the patience of the saints is the faith when the saints arise!

Verse 2

Oiga mi gente, we want God’s seal por la frente, in Jesus we’re speaking in tongues basicamente, neither is speech in the muttering, we’re coming to the summit, running with bilingual lungs, si me entiendes? Ponemos la Luz, Christ’s light y la Cruz, and His hindsight is acute, cuz He’s right (right) para siempre! And so seguimos, mis amigos—my peoples, being feeble we preach cuz we know the evil He freed us. He indeed is the Chiefest of 10 mil, Priest of the most heathen redeemed to believe—obediente! Perfectamente, we teach a beautiful message, using the coolest of weapons—es la mente de Cristo, espiritu santo, Salvado por sangre, the blood y el Padre en el frente! La profecía, to go to the world to give these pearls, so the word could be heard rapidamente!


  1. I like this beat. I think I am going to listen to it more. Thanks!

  2. I was JUST thinking this morning about how I needed to ask you for some music recommendations based on God's word and truth! Thanks for delivering!!! :)

  3. Esooooo si me gusta! Lo mandaste a Serena? Sabes que este hombre se hace a caer! (pero no por el falso ;-) -Christy