God, The Boss of Ouwies

More and more I feel like God is taking me and undoing me in the area of Early Childhood. It’s like “The UN-education of Heather Burdette.” J It’s been so amazing!  Just last week I was listening to a message titled “Great Truths for Small People: Teaching the Sovereignty of God to Children”. In it the speaker Sally Michael discussed that children need to understand God is the boss of everything. She gave many examples on how to help young children understand that. It was like I was at CSUF all over again- sucking up everything I could get.

So yesterday I don’t know how it happened. All I know is that at lunch-time God gave me grace and I was able to talk about God being the boss of everything. First, I started out by saying how Ms. Amy is the boss of me and how Ms. Amy also has a boss. They named her. We moved on talking about who their boss is at home, etc., etc. It was wonderful.

I took it a little further to explain, “Just as Mommy & Daddy are the boss at home, God is the boss of EVERYTHING! What else do think God is the boss of?” In an attempt to be silly one of the girls said, “God is the boss of trees!” My response was “Yes, He sure is! He makes the trees grow whenever and wherever he likes! Remember in the story of Jonah God made a tree grow to give Jonah shade. God can do what he pleases with trees. What else is God the boss of?” It was perfect. Everything I learned from that message came back to me! Someone said “BUGS!” “Yes, that’s right! Remember in the story of Moses and Pharaoh, God sent grasshoppers and flies to the land of Egypt?! God is the boss of insects too!” It was so fun! They were naming all kinds of things and fully paying attention!

Today I also got to emphasize this while I was asking the preschoolers what they would like to pray for. As I was talking to one of the boys, he said “I want to pray for mommy because she has an ouwie on her toe and it won’t stop bleedin.”  It was a perfect time to talk about how God is the boss of sickness-including ouwies (not just of the natural creation). I told him, “Danny, I’d like to pray for that right now. Did you know that God is the boss of ouwies? He can say to that ouwie on your mom’s toe ‘Go away ouwie!’ and it will go away! God is the boss of ouwies. He has the power to make all things better!” Danny got so excited! I asked, “Danny, do you believe that?” With big eyes and a huge smile he said, “Yea, God is the boss!”

I’m almost crying right now just thinking about this.  His belief was joyful. What grace God gave me to communicate that God is the all-powerful sovereign Creator! Then without me asking he got on his knees, head to the floor and hands folded. We prayed and believed that God-the Boss of ouwies would heal his Mommy’s toe. God is so gracious to me.

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  1. Aw man I wish I could have seen that. When you explain truths like that to children in a way that they can understand them, it's natural for them to know how to then pray to God- humble and thankful. Thanks for sharing. God IS the Boss!!