This week has been so much fun! Between making Independence Day art projects and only having 3 in my class today, I just had a blast with the kiddos! I have older 3’s and one of the art projects we did was “fireworks.” Using chalk on black paper they were able to look at fireworks from a book and then draw their own. Here’s what they came up with:

Apparently the man below is Jesus. When it was time to put the little people away in the house area one of the little boys said “No, don’t put Jesus in there!” He was very concerned that this old guy “Jesus” could not go in the same bucket as the toy furniture. He was right about that-but not so right about him being Jesus. We had a little talk. J Today another preschooler referred to the very same old man as “God.” Hm…what’s going on here? It’s these story books I tell you!

Also, for those of you interested here’s a few pictures of my very own classroom (temporary-but still exciting!)

I thank the Lord for all the little conversations we got to have about God and His good perfect and Holy rules.  God is good. He’s helping me to teach them about Him and His glory. 


  1. So cute classroom!! Haha good job on blurring out the kids faces... how's you figure that out?