Prayer & Preschoolers: Part I

Each month during the regular school year, I sit down with each child and we talk to God together. Usually it goes something like this:

Me: Sarah, what would you like to talk to God about? What would you like to pray about?

Sarah: My dog pixie to go to heaven.

I try to talk about how God shows us his goodness through pets and then we thank God for little Pixie. I haven’t prayed for any dead dogs to go to heaven yet J

More recently, I’ve been trying to give them more options for prayer. For example “Sarah, when we talk to God, we can tell him He’s good, we can say sorry for something, we can thank Him for something or we can ask about something.” Since doing that, I’ve been getting a little more from their hearts. Though simple gratitude’s like “I thank God for circles and squares” still seem to be awesome things to tell God.

Stay tuned: tomorrow, I will post Part II of Prayer & Preschoolers. Hope you stop by for that as well.

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