Kings of the OT & Jesus

Warning: Likely to be many grammar mistakes-leaving for work in 45 min.

 Since I’ve been learning about teaching children bible stories and also being gospel centered, I’ve really been trying to see Christ in the Old testament. About a week or so ago I started reading 1 Samuel. This book is loaded with awesome stories but trying to Jesus in the Old Testament is a new thing for me-so I’m always so excited when my eyes are enlightened. I want to train my mind this way so I can see His beauty more!

This morning I was reading a sermon by Piper on 1 Samuel 15 titled “The Sinful Origin of the Son of David.” From it Piper lists 6 things we can learn about the great wickedness of the people wanting a king & God’s plan despite the wickedness. Skipping 1-4 and getting straight to #5 says that we can learn that “ A God-Man must be king.

When reading through Judges and 1 Samuel-we can see that judges and kings were imperfect-that those men failed, they never quite “cut it”. But there would be One who would. The God-Man. Piper really helped me see Jesus in the OT story. Check it out:

“Therefore, we should learn from God’s way of installing a human king that his purposes are to inaugurate a line of human kings who would all fail until the king came who was not only man but also God, for only God can be king of Israel. In giving Israel a human king, God did not change his mind about only God being the rightful King of Israel. The point is that God alone is King of Israel, and there is coming a king, a Son of David, who will not fail like the others. He will not be just another sinful man. He will be the God-man.”-John Piper

May you too see the Beauty of Jesus as you read the Old Testament!

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