God's Powerful Words

Last week I shared with my preschoolers the story of God creating the world & man. One of the themes I wanted to emphasis in the story is God’s power. So I talked about how we can’t create things by talking. We talked about the things we have to do if we’d like a cake; buy the ingredients, mix them, bake it, etc, etc. We, then talked about how God didn’t have to do all those things when he created everything. God simply spoke and it came to be. Because I work at a preschool, I get to tell the same story everyday. That’s a real blessing b/c by the end of the week they’ve really got God’s story down.

Anyways, at the end of the Creation Story I’d ask them what they see on the flannel board (yes, people still use those). They would reply: “birds, dolphins, the sun, the moon, etc.” I would then ask, “Who made those things?” They usually all said “God” [occasionally I got a “Jesus” (though, that wouldn’t be wrong)].  Then I’d proceed to ask “HOW did God make those things?” At first it worried me, because I got a ton of blank stares, but by the end of the week they were all saying “he talked” (or again I occasionally got a “he speeaked”).  Then we’d talk about how God is powerful and strong and that we humans could never just make something by talking.

One particular day, I was especially amazed at one of the girls who really understood the story. We were talking about the class turtle, so of course I asked, “Who made all the turtles?” She said, “God did.” Again, I asked “HOW did he make the turtles?” And this was her answer “Of the power of his words.” I don’t think I ever particularly phrased it that way…but she totally got that God’s words are full of power. I could have cried! Praise God for little people to know God’s power! 

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