Filtering the children's books we purchase

Is it weird that when I go to a christian book store I immediately head to the children's section? Well, ever since I've listened to a message by Jill Nelson from www.childrendesiringgod.org on "Choosing God centered Resources" I've had more of desire to find good, sound (theologically correct), God-centered children's books.

So often children's books that have to do with bible themes are fluffy, moralistic, irreverent books. For example, stories about animals being able to see Jesus or give Jesus transportation (instead of the focus of Jesus himself), stories about morality (instead of being like Jesus), stories of bible characters dressed up as animals (young children are very literal and concrete-how confusing would that be!) these are some common themes-just to name a few. 

Like parents will often filter what their children can or cannot eat, choosing God-centered resources should be the same. Just because they sell a book in the local Family Christian Bookstore doesn't mean that book is a theologically correct book, centered on God (just sayin'). Having said that when I find a good quality book I get so excited! I imagine the kids I know it would be perfect for, I think about taking it to future babysitting jobs (yes I'm 24 and I still babysit), or giving it away to a child at a birthday party, and maybe even the book being a childhood memory for my own future children. Yes, children's books excite me!

Today I'd like to feature a book or graphic novel written by John Piper (or as my best friend Christy likes to call him "J. Pipe"). This book immediately attracted me because of a particular teenager in my life. Each week she comes to church by herself. She sits with my husband and I with her head in a book the entire time. Not just any book, a comic book-well a graphic novel to be precise. Junjo Romantico-to be even more precise. James and I recently ordered some book sets from the Desiring God Christmas sale-and to my delight this book was included in one of the sets!  I'm very excited to receive the book in the mail! Hope you get a chance to check out the book sometime!

The Gadarene - Graphic Novel (Trailer) from Edd Blott on Vimeo.

I would encourage you to listen to the msg by Jill Nelson on "Choosing God-centered Resources" here just scroll about half way down and download it for free to your itunes.

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