Money & Raising Genderless Babies

I've really been lacking on the Wednesday children's books haven't I? I'm starting to think I may have to change it to "Good-Reads-Regarding-Children-Wednesdays." :) So today instead of a children's book recommendation this week I've found a couple of articles that I thought would interest readers who follow.

Training Your Children Tim Challies discusses a book he recently read on training your children to steward their money for the glory of God. To do this he says kids need to have both money and a realistic context to use it wisely or badly. He gives helpful grids to guide parents in the amount of money they give their children depending on factors such as age and where you live.

The Myth of the Genderless Babies Albert Mohler writes about one family that is raising their child genderless, only close family members know the real gender but to the rest of the family, friends, and the outside world, they don't want the child's gender to be a part of who the baby is. Mohler talks about why the gender is important, and what we are saying about God when we disregard it.

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