Kid's sleeping & modesty

Enjoy some helpful articles I read over the past couple of weeks. Hope they encourage you!

Stickers from a Bunk Bed: Jessica Thompson (daughter of Elyse Fitzpatrick) writes about how using God's word with little ones can be used in the wrong way. If we use scripture to give law instead of point to Jesus, we aren't giving them what they need.

Go to sleep! This is a book review of "Go the ____ sleep!" by Shepherd Press ( a great blog to follow). Its a popular new book on Amazon about getting your children to sleep. The review uses the beliefs and ideas that are approached in a "child-centered" way to talk about secular parenting and encourage parents not to let the child rule the home.

A Few Modesty Questions Going to youth group I always heard that you shouldn't make your brother stumble by what you wear and that beauty is found on the inside of me not on the outside. As I've gotten older, I appreciate the women that encouraged us as young ladies to dress modestly, but I think they missed the biggest part about modesty-that it's not so much about the clothes I wear, but about my heart. These questions help women see the heart behind their clothes. So helpful!

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