Live with Paul Tripp

I was very excited to see that Desiring God will be going Live with Paul Tripp tonight. If you don't know who Paul Tripp is, let me just say, he really helps parents get to the heart of their children (as compared to behavior modification). To help you understand here's a summarized story he frequently tells in his books:

Him and his wife had a bad apple tree. It wasn't bearing good fruit and didn't look healthy. So one day he buys a ton of apples, gets a ladder and a staple gun. He goes to the tree, rips off all the bad apples and then starts stapling on all the good ones. Then he tells his wife that the tree is fixed. Obviously, the tree isn't fixed, the roots need change so that there can be good fruit. He uses this story to talk about how parents often try to fix their children's behavior when what they really need is change at the roots-they need to get to the heart of their children.

Our church just bought the content he will be talking about which is "Getting to the Heart of Parenting." I've learned a lot from the sessions I've watched so far, and he is very enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend tuning in tonight if you can. Tune into DesiringGodLive at 7:00 PM (EDT) which is 3:00 PM (PST). Go here to find out the time for your specific time zone. Let me know if you plan on tuning in or what you liked!

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