Healthy baby or not

What do you want? A girl or a boy? Oh you just want a healthy baby, of course!”

If I could go back a month in my pregnancy, I wish I could answer those questions a bit differently. I wish my response could have been “Whatever the Lord chooses to bless us with, we’ll take.”

The truth is unhealthy babies are born everyday. Children are born without limbs and eyes. Children are born with multiple life threatening diseases and infections. Some children will suffer with illness till the day they die. And some children are born to only live for 3 hours. But the life in me is life made by my good God. So my husband and I say together, “We’ll take whatever the Lord chooses to bless us with.”

I know that God gives his children good gifts. Our little girl will be a gift whether she is healthy or unhealthy. Whichever it is, I trust she will be a gift for the glory of God and our good.

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. –Psalm 127:3

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