Training Parents How To Discipline With The End In View

I love Russell Moore. I want James to go Southern Baptist Theological Seminary just so I can sit in on Russell Moore's lectures (Don't worry Church fam, I don't want that more than I love Kaleo). He's a big  Adoption advocate. In fact, Russell Moore wrote Adopted for Life, a book about our adoption as believers and the call to adopt orphans. Last March, I was blessed by my church to attend the Children Desiring God conference in Minnesota and doubly blessed when I got to meet and listen to Russell Moore speak on parenting. He's not a boring speaker by any means and he's very easy to listen to. This is one of the messages I got to hear. If you have some time, I hope it blesses you.

Training Parents How to Discipline with the End in View from Children Desiring God on Vimeo.

Liked that? Well read more of what he has to say on other topics as well here at his blog.

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