the story of why i write

the worry.
Occasionally, I worry that my posts as a childless wife and thus inexperienced mother I may either not be taken seriously or that I may come off as a “know-it all.” Often times, I have read posts to my husband so he can correct any pride or the way I phrased something.

For the purpose of this blog and benefit of the reader, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and why I started this blog. Here goes nothing…

the story.
I graduated with a degree in Child Development. I thank God for the time I spent at a secular college. However, throughout my time there, I rarely had the time to compare the theories, lectures, and opinions of my professors to biblical truth. In fact, going through college I was pretty sure that Dr. James Dobson was the only guy out there that had anything legitimate to say about children. The one Christian Professor I had was only able to refer me to him and other secular authors on parenting. It was very discouraging. But God has his perfect timing.

After college, I had an experience with christian leaders giving children a warped introduction to God. It was all very fluffy, fake and sometimes scary. It had me crazy inside. The problem was, I knew this leader was wrong but I didn’t know HOW the right way was supposed to look.

Eventually as God was bothering me with this particular experience, I happened to stumble upon this website. Here I found tons of Christ-centered ways to talk to children about the gospel.

a re-education.
I started to listen. It was like I was in college again; I took notes, wrote quotes, bought books. The “re-education” of Heather had begun.

Now I’d known for a while that I wanted to be a preschool teacher. But now, more than ever, God was giving me this passion for children to know the beauty of God and His Son.

I started seeing that children don’t need to be told all these moralistic lessons but that they need to know the character of a mighty, loving, gracious God. In fact, I started seeing if we don’t start in the early years, when they are learning the most, then we are doing them a disservice.

a renewed passion.
So this over-whelming passion started rise. Continually, I’d have to give it to God because I didn’t know what to do with it. God was gracious and has given me more than one on-going opportunity to share what I am learning. I daily have conversations with my students about God’s goodness and our human condition. Not only that I was encouraged by a friend to start a blog. So a couple weeks later I entered my first post.

the reason i write.
I write here because I want people to know that children can understand big…no HUGE things about God.

I write here because I want people to know there are God-centered resources out there.

I write here because it’s been so helpful for me to find practical ways to talk to children about the Gospel and I want parents & teachers to see/ learn them too!

Finally I write here because it’s fun to hear about the precious things children say and the things they do.

These are the reasons I have a blog. Occasionally, you will see a post that is off the topic of children-but again I always want to write for the purpose of benefitting readers that pass through.

Hoping to bless the Church,

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