The 3-year-old Thriller

Next month (tomorrow) I won’t be posting any Monday Humor posts. The reason being is that it's Adoption Awareness Month! All next month I will be posting videos, articles and resources about adoption. I hope you stay tuned to learn a thing or two no matter what stage of life you are in. The more I research I do, the more I believe Christians need to play a role in adoption-the only question is HOW-to-be-involved.

Because I won’t be posting a Monday Humor post until December I thought I’d get one more in until then. Two videos below is a 3-year-old dancing to Thriller. I thought to better appreciate it you may want to refresh your memory of the original dance (the dance starts at about 8:30). Don’t you remember dancing to Thriller when you were a kid?! So much fun! Enjoy!

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