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Sorry guys! This post was scheduled for wednesday (my book-featuring-day) but I must have done something wrong b/c it didn't work out. So here is the post that was supposed to be up on weds.  Watch the video with a child in your life! Buy the  the bible too! It's worth it! 
The Jesus Storybook Bible is rich. It's written by Sally Lloyd-Jones (sorry, no relation to Martyn Lloyd-Jones) and the art is by Jago.We have it at our church and sometimes while we wait for the parent’s to pick-up I love to read the story that relates to our lesson. The pictures are full of color but more importantly, there’s no fluff in this bible. The tag-line is “Every story whispers his name.” So often children’s bible’s are filled with “me, me, me” “Jesus loves me.” “God made me special” Jesus is my friend.” “I am special.” (while those things may be true, we are not the focus God is) So when you come across a children’s bible that with a tag-line like that (God-centered), you gotta appreciate it! 

Here is a timely video about the birth of Jesus. It’s a double-blessing because you check out the words and pictures before buying it AND you can watch it with kids in your life this Christmas season!
You can purchase the book here.

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  1. This is one of our favorites!! A must have for all children!