Albert Mohler & Abortion

"…the issue of ABORTION simply will NOT go away, it CANNOT go away. There is no single issue in America that has the moral valance and importance of abortion. When it comes down to the question of whether it should be lawful to destroy an unborn human life to kill an unborn human being, you are reaching one of the most divisive and insoluable social issues, political and moral issues and it is operational at all of those levels.

 –Albert Mohler
(emphasis mine)

The quote is from Albert Mohler's Monday briefing. If Mohler is right, that this issue will NOT go away and there is no single issue of greater moral valance and importance, shouldn't we do something? Shouldn't we call our senate, email our congressman? Babies being killed isn't just a political issue, my friends. Go here or here to take some action.

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