Pictures from Children Desiring God Conference

We learned so much at the Children Desiring God conference! I can’t say enough about Children Desiring God. It is the BEST christian resource out there. Their resources are completely God-centered! It’s rare I’m telling you! For maybe a year I’ve been listening to the audio of the past conferences and following blogs from their ministries. I can’t tell you how much God has changed me and my view of children through this website. So actually being there and seeing all the faces of whose voices I’d been listening to for the past year was truly a blessing. I was encouraged by the seminars to wait patiently for God to do what he wants in His timing for the Children’s Ministry at our Church. From hearing other’s testimonies about thier children’s ministries or lack thereof, I was encouraged to see the value of slow and steady changes and remaining faithful.

One of the most impressive things to me was how The Word was literally dripping from everyone’s speech and prayers.  I’d never heard such scripture filled prayers. These people don’t just talk about memorizing scripture they’ve been doing it for years! They were talking about vision and having a vision for children to “drip bible” and you could see it in all the speakers. That’s exactly what they did: drip bible-and it was everywhere! In fact, the last plenary session David Michael quoted Ephesians chapters 1-6 by memory.

Besides some amazing children’s books that I bought, I bought a set of “Fighter Verses.” They are 5 years worth of verses that all have to do with the gospel. One set is meant to be memorized a week. Sometimes it’s one verse other times there are a few. Apparently, Bethlehem (John Piper’s Church) memorizes a fighter verse together each week (which would seem to make sense how they all quote so much in their speech & prayers).  To learn more about the fighter verses go to www.fighterverses.com there is a iphone ap. and an Android ap.

I have more to process and hope to write some more soon. For now here are some pictures of who God spoke through at the conference:

David Michael the Chairman of CDG

Man, I was so nervous to meet Jill Nelson. She wrote "Helping Children to Understand the Gospel"

Russell Moore wrote "Adopted For Life" and Moore to the Point

John Piper: When we told him we were from Tim Cain's church in El Cajon he said "Kaaaleeo"


  1. You are so goofy! Man, John Piper looks so happy to meet you. What a sweet blessing from the Lord that I'm sure you'll NEVER forget. I will try to wait patiently for those notes... ;-)