Piper preaches on passing on a passion for truth

Desiring God just announced  that John Piper's audio & video is available from the Children Desiring God conference. His message, "The Sum of Your Word is Truth." is structured around 3 questions:

1. Why should you care about passing on a passion for the truth for the next generation?
2. What is the sum of truth that we want the next generation to see and embrace?
3. How can the next generation know that this is true and be joyfully confident in it?

Embarrassing story: My friend, Ysabel and I were the first ones in the room for this particular message. At this point, we'd never met him. As Piper did his mic check, we were sitting in the front row all by ourselves, not knowing what to do (take a picture? wave? or act like it's no big deal?) We decided to look busy browsing through notes or books, but inside we were very excited. See our picture with Piper here.

*Before you judge me :) , I've learned a lot from John Piper and his ministry-Jesus is bigger and better than him, he's just a man but Jesus is my Savior. 

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