What's funny to a preschooler?

I came across this informative article when I was looking for some Monday Humor posts. If you have a preschooler, you will just be nodding your head in agreement the whole time you read. So what's funny to a preschooler?

Replacing Words:
My kiddos at lunch think their name-calling is so funny. "Give me back my juice Hot dog head." "Here you go, peanut butter." (though I think it's a bit funny, I usually respond with "You may call Kayla, Kayla.")

Preschool songs that remind me of this humor:
Willaby wallaby woo
"Willaby wallaby woo an elephant sat on you/
Willaby wallaby wee, an Elephant sat on me/
 Willaby wallaby wephanie, an elephant sat on Stephanie."

Down by the bay
"did you ever see a fly wearing a tie?"

You've got to read the whole thing here though. Thought this might be a fun read for some of you-but not quite a Monday Humor post. 

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