Helpful posts on Hot Topic: Homosexuality

Some Seminars on Homosexuality, Change & The Gospel:  You can watch the videos by Matt Chandler or download them and listen while you cook/clean/whatever it is you do. I listened to the first one last year and his explanations were super helpful.

What is Better? Jared Wilson asks & answers the question "Is it orientation? Or is it choice?"

Mohler & Dever on Gay Marriage and The Church- Albert Mohler is one of my favorite to read and listen to. You will find him helpful.

The Case of the Lesbian Den Mother: Moral Reasoning Exposed- Albert Mohler uses the current story to discuss moral reasoning.

And then amidst all the discussion it's good to remember that The State Does Not Have the Authority or Power to Cure All Ills.

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  1. you are ever timely and I always appreciate your posts! :)