All things family...

Here is the round up of All things family....
* = My favorite

*Prayer Journaling for your Husband and Children*- This was my favorite this week. Grab a pen, journal & bible. Leave a legacy of prayers and prayers fulfilled that your family can eventually look through and praise God! Love this!

Desperate, Breathless, Dependent Parenting- "Some people tell me it is brave to raise my kids in Africa. They could get malaria or be bitten by a poisonous snake. They don’t have a Sunday School class. They can’t eat gluten-free foods. Their friends are Muslims. They live far away from cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents….My initial reaction is to be tempted to say, 'Well, I think it is brave to raise kids in America.' "

The Everyday Questions of Motherhood- "The constant battle of motherhood is more subtle, more everyday, more hideable. At the center is one question: Will I sacrifice?"

Forgiveness for Moms who Fail- Distorted guilt of moms, what true guilt is and Christ as the answer for guilt mom's feel

Lecrae's 'Man Up' Mission to Address Father Absence- What 116 is up to and the trailer for their short film on Manhood.

10 Ways For Moms To Respect Their Daughters -"She deeply desires to be loved and the deep admiration of respect is most profoundly felt for her in words and acts of love. She is comforted and secured by the knowledge that God and her parents love her."


  1. These are all such great resources, thank you for sharing! But I especially love the prayer journal idea also! I have written many overtime, but never thought to do it on a consistent basis and in one notebook, so sweet!

  2. I know I love it too. Same with me, I have a collection of journals but I've never thought to be so intentional about praying through scripture in them. Thanks for stopping bye. jeejee ;)