Funny Preschoolers & Fathers Day

This year we made a Cook Book for all the dad's in the class. We asked the kids "What does your Dad cook & how does he cook it?" We typed up their answers, made a booklet and gave it to each of the families. Here were some of my favorites:

"My Pa does whatever my grandma tells him. He cooks everything that's good. He uses toms. Then it cooks and he puts on salt."

"He wears a chef hat and a chef outfit. He uses the thing that are like scissors but you use them for salads. And he puts it on the BBQ. And then we eat it."

"He barbecue's steak. I think he burns it a little bit and that is all. He buys it at Vons. He puts on salt. I think he uses a big air pump thing to cook it. He makes it good. He fires it and a tiny bit burns."
Haha, don't the gas tanks have a close resemblance to helium tanks?

They are out for the summer now and most of them will be in Kindergarten next year. I will miss their funniness but look forward to the next group of kids.

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