The Prequel

As you may know, I’ve been listening to & taking notes on many messages from the Chilrendesiringgod.com. Wow is all I can say! So much good stuff going on there! One in particular really blessed me and made me think. So this is what I’ve decided to do: for the next ten days (starting tomorrow) I will present them here. Now let me say this, though I am very interested in presenting the gospel to children because I work with them everyday, I believe they will bless any Christian. More than likely you will be/are a parent and this will bless you in explaining deep truths to children. You may do children’s ministry or a VBS camp on a mission trip in the future. Whatever it is, this will not be a waste of your time. If you happen to be looking at this and you’re thinking “I’m not a Christian, this doesn’t concern me.” Well, let me also say this: even though you are not a Christian, I’d invite you to check out these “10 Essential Gospel Truths.” It’s helpful for any person interested in checking out what the gospel is-especially because the explanation and illustrations are written for children. I learned so much even though it was written for children’s understanding. So I invite you, check out my blog the next ten days, see how to explain beautiful truths of the cross, heaven, hell and the sovereignty of God. Each Post will include: one essential GOSPEL TRUTH, suggested VERSES that support it, an EXPLANATION in children's language, ILLUSTRATIONS to make help them see it in a visual concrete way, and an IMPLICATION that will challenge & even demand a response from a child or person.

P.S. I want to make clear that most (practically all) of what I will posting will be taken from Jill Nelson's message on Presenting the Gospel to Children.

Hope you follow along!

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