To cool the flame

It's been weighing on my heart when I see children that seem to explode with anger. Can you imagine a little body stiff with the overwhelming emotion of anger? It is very sad to seem them so overcome & burdened in this way. As a result, I've thinking about the things I can do as a christian teacher to help them. My top tool so far? Prayer. It's been starting & ending with that. There have been so many things I have been learning, and sometimes I can't help but think okay, did little Timmy really get that? Does he really get that God is strong, that he forgives? Did I give T.M.I.? I have to pray to ask that God would continue to give me boldness, teach me to communicate more clearly, and even repent for anything I may have done wrong.

One thing that I'm going to try to do is talk to them about a verse or tell them a verse during those fist-clenching and feet stomping times (well maybe I'll do it after the steam fades off a bit ). But guess who has to know the verses before I can even explain them? That would be me. I'm getting on that right away.

A couple of days ago I was looking at Justin Taylor's blog (which if you don't subscribe-you totally should) and he posted a helpful tool for memorizing scripture. It's called Memorize Now. I used it to memorize 1 John 1:9 and a verse on anger that I'm hoping to use with all of the kids in reminding them to use soft words. This is what one might call a "preventive measure"- keeping trouble away before it even happens. I want to memorize more- especially from from Proverbs.

Proverbs 15:1 says "A soft answer turns away wrath, a harsh word stirs up anger." May God give me the grace to share His Word.

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