Blogger Love

So I’m not much of a blogger on the weekends. Since my husband and I work opposite schedules I spend all the time I can get with him during el fin de semana. However, since he’s not home on the weeknights, blogging has given me a fun way to gather my thoughts. And it’s just been so cool getting into this whole blogging “community”.

Actually, just last week, the photographer of our engagement pictures, Aurora, invited me to be a guest blogger for one of her blogs called GUTS (Girls Using Their Strengths). The purpose of the blog is to “to come together as sisters in Christ” so we can better each other and “ultimately our world for Jesus Christ” via blog.  I wrote on Kindness. Go here to read it and then follow her blog. I heard from a very reliable source that Sarah Potts, the world’s best blogger, will be guest-writing soon! J

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  1. sista sista sista!
    loved your blog on kindness!

    love you!