National Adoption Month

This month is National Adoption Awareness Month. So in honor of that, this month I will be posting as much quality information about adoption as I can. There will be articles on God’s adoption of us, videos, and information you may have never heard before. (This is also a project for myself-Lord willing, this will be in our future) If you have any websites that you recommend along the way-please leave a comment for the benefit of all who pass by.

Today I’ll start my raising awareness by sharing a precious video from the founder of www.theradiancefoundation.org. Ryan Scott’s birth mother was raped. She made a self-less choice to give him life and give him up for adoption. The song in the video is a song written to his birth mother. May a small portion of the beauty of adoption be impressed upon your heart as you watch…

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  1. That's a beautiful video Heather. I love that you have such a heart for this :)

    Katie M.