All things family...

Should I Divorce if I Am Miserable?-Dr. Moore answers the moral dilemma of a reader.

16 y/o Augustine and the Enjoyment of Wanton Sin- Augustine recollects an event and thinks about the secrecy of sin.

8 Ways to protect your child from sexual abuse- I love the first one and think it's key. "Every part of your body is good and some parts are private"

Be a Real Husband and Dad- "Real husbanding and fathering never gets put on hold for any season, or for any degree program — no matter how hyped we are about our little pastoral callings. Way too much is at stake with our families right now to just go through the motions while we prepare ourselves for some future ministry. In Jesus we become the real husbands and dads we're called to be now, in seminary, for the good of his church tomorrow."

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