What I do when Rosie sleeps...

This past week I had a little fun while Rosie was napping....

I've been hinting for so long to my husband that I want a kindle (It's so much easier to read while nursing). My most recent hint was my "kindle fund" jar. To my surprise, I found some twenty dollar bills in it the other day from my sweet husband! (And I just had to put a picture of Rosie napping in there.)

Thanks to Pinterest I've discovered new ways of crocheting. I hand-crocheted this from an old shower curtain we never used.     Thought it'd be a good accent on our wooden chair in the living room. Gotta love that bulky look!

All I did was 

1. Cut it into one long continuous strip. 
2. Roll it up like you would a ball of yarn.
3. Made my first hoop.
4. Went around in circles till I finished it.

I actually thought it would be bigger. I can't imagine how much fabric it'd take to make a bulky rug! But maybe with an old fleece blanket or something....another time, another time.

I did the same thing here with an old summer dress. But since it wasn't nearly as much fabric I went for something smaller-cup holders!


  1. I would love to have a kindle-- pull out a book at any moment :) Love your crochet cup holders, great idea, and to use old dress fabric is genius.

  2. Good photo placement on the post! Composed nicely. :)

  3. The Kindle is the best! I love all the free books too! :)