Etiquette for Ladies

I've been reading like crazy lately (trying to keep my mind off the 3rd book of The Hunger Games). I've started reading classics that I've always wanted to read but not enough to actually pay for. So it's been great b/c the kindle store offers many classics for free. Jane Eyre by Charlotte by Bronte is so good and and I'm reading A Hand-book of Etiquette for Ladies which is fun to read. So if you notice my vocabulary improving, that's why :) Here are some tips for you ladies to keep in mind:

Always bow when meeting acquaintances in the street. To curtsy is not gracefully consistent with locomotion (Loc 84, Kindle Edition)

Ladies of good taste seldom wear jewelry in the morning, and when they do, confine themselves to trinkets of gold, or those in which opaque stones only are introduced. Ornaments with brilliant stones are unsuited for a morning costume. (Loc 108-110, Kindle Edition)

Cautiously avoid relating in one house any follies or faults you may hear or see in another (Loc 131, Kindle Edition)

It is not contrary to good-breeding to laugh in company, and even to laugh heartily when there is anything amusing going on; this is nothing more than being sociable. To remain prim and precise on such occasions, is sheer affectation. Avoid, however, what is called the "horse-laugh." (Loc 162, Kindle Edition)

So watch your morning jewelry, the horse laugh, and remember to bow in the street-not curtsy :)

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