The Hunger Games

Since I got my kindle I haven't done a ton of blogging. Partly because I was out of town visiting family during Easter week and partly because since I've been home all Rosie's naptimes have been filled with reading The Hunger Games Trilogy. James says I have to wait to borrow the 3rd book from the Kindle Library. But since I've already reached my limit for this month I have to wait till NEXT month! It's killing me! I've really enjoyed the books so far...

When James and I went to go see the movie I was really excited.( I hadn't read the books yet) He asked me why I was so excited and I told him I think it's because it has to do with kids....then I watched the movie and even though there are some pretty rough scenes of kids killing kids...I really liked the movie. All I could think about was how Albert Mohler sometimes refers to our culture as a "Culture of Death" (when it comes to the abortion industry)...and somehow I saw a faint reflection of that in the movie...of the capitols blindness to the Hunger Games and the deaths it required....gotta think about it more though.

Well my sister-in-law said I should do some kind of post on The Hunger Games. For now this will have to do but maybe I will do one on why I'm enjoying them so much in a little bit. For now here are some posts I've enjoyed that talk about the movie....

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