Children's Book: The Priest with Dirty Clothes

The Priest with Dirty Clothes by R.C. Sproul is a story that will teach your children deep truth about what Christ did with our sin, and the perfect righteousness he gives us in exchange. Read this book to your children!

The story starts with two kiddos playing in the mud, their clothes are dirty. Infact, mom declares them ruined. So Grandpa comes over and their stained clothes remind him of a story about a priest…Jonathan just became a Priest and received his brand new priest clothes from the Bishop. His first assignment? To preach before the King. On the journey to the castle Jonathan’s clothes become ruined by the rainy weather. As he appears before the King, the court magician accuses the Priest of his dirty appearance before the Great King.

The Priest with Dirty ClothesHowever, the kind King gives Jonathan another chance, but he must come back clean. Hopeful, Jonathan goes to the town fuller who tells him that the stains are permanent and he’ll need new clothes. Then the Bishop tells him he only gets one set of clothes forever and he can’t do anything to earn a clean new set. Jonathan’s only hope is the King’s Son. When he goes to the Great Prince, the Great Prince makes a promise that he’ll have clean clothes the day he goes back to the castle.

Jonathan goes to the castle in his dirty clothes before the King. As the magician tries to accuse the Jonathan the Priest, the Great Prince walks in. He tells Jonathan to take off his outer Priestly garment. The Prince puts on Jonathan’s dirty, stained garments! Then the Great Prince gives Jonathan his own royal clothes! These royal clothes are special; they will never wear out or become dirty. Not only that, the Priest will be able to stand in the presence of the King forever.

On the cross, Jesus took on all of my dirty rotten sin, and gave me his unfading righteousness-a righteousness that I could never make unrighteous! What a deep and lasting concept to teach children! Most kids will not hear about this part of the gospel? Why? Firstly, it’s hard for Christians to truly believe themselves. We SIN SO MUCH! We think that we have ruined Christ’s righteousness. We think, "how can I even share this with kids?" OR we think this topic is too big, too much and too hard to understand.

But listen! My preschoolers got it! When I asked who the King is like they said “GOD!” When I asked who the Great Prince reminds us of they said “Jesus!” When I asked who Jonathan with the dirty clothes is like they said “Us!” Imagine, these kids hearing the story over and over again growing up. This thing that Christ has done for us will be precious to them in times of mourning their sin!

What an amazing story to share with children to help them understand what it means for Christ to take on our sin, and then for him to give us his unfading righteousness. Let your children hear stories like this at a young age!

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