Fun in the kitchen

After I made my apron I decided that I wanted to get into this whole sewing thing-especially while I don't have kids yet. Soo my mother-in-law gave me a sewing machine (that her grandmother gave to her) and I've started small projects in my kitchen. We have a ton of storage space in our kitchen so I wanted to give it a more simple look. My kitchen colors? TEAL & RED. So here are some pictures for those of you interested:

James Great Grandma used this sewing machine! Isn't it so cute!

BEFORE-ISH: A bit of an eye sore.

Now it looks a bit more simple.

Red Mirror to the Left: $5 from thrift stores! Love cute books!

I had lots of extra fabric so I used it for a little board and used pins to place a few things on the fridge. That's what I've been up to. It's been fun to make the kitchen a little more cozy. I'm not sure what the next sewing project will be yet. Maybe another apron?