New video catches Planned Parenthood President in a LIE

The whole Planned Parenthood controversy is a real touchy topic right now. If I post videos or stats about abortion and PP then I am sure to get somebody who doesn't quite agree. Both christians, and non christians are listening in. I don't mind that people chime in-it is good to THINK about this. Since I've been making my various posts, I've seen an underlining reason why we need Planned Parenthood. In some way or another it's said something like this "Yea but ABORTIONS aren't all Planned Parenthood does. We need them for other women's health services." Though there are more issues to address in that statement, the truth is Planned Parenthood lies about the services they provide. The president of PP (not just a random employee) said that PP offers mammograms. But this video shows differently.

I do not trust Planned Parenthood
not with women in crisis situations
not with women's healthcare
 and not with our tax dollars

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