2 women & 1 Man who loved their children more than life

I recently came across two stories of women who denied cancer treatment when they found out they were pregnant. Their stories do not end ideally. Both women died but both of their babies survived. I admire these two women greatly for the courage they displayed in denying their own lives for the life of their children. Also, their selflessness blows my mind! In a culture who would NOT have condemned them had they chosen an abortion or even chemotherapy, the ease of those options did not hinder them from choosing the life of their babies first.

Why do these stories move me so much? Initially, it's their selflessness & courage. But more than that, I believe they point us to a greater story. Christ, being God, took on the heaviness of all his people's sin. He denied his comfort, his rights, his perfect record and his life that His people might gain life. Jessica & Stacie are two stories that point us to Jesus who did the same thing but at a greater cost. That's why their stories are so beautiful. May their stories help you to see Jesus better.

Jessica Council-" In August of last year Jessica Council – a beautiful, 30-year-old mother of one – noticed that she had a sore throat. At around the same time, she also began to suspect that she was pregnant....Jessica went to sleep with a headache and nausea. 'She did not wake up.'... The following day Jessica was near death, and Clint [her husband] gave the doctors the go-ahead to deliver by C-section. On February 6, little 'Jessi' was born, weighing only 1 lb 3 oz."

Stacie Crimm:"An Oklahoma woman died of cancer last month after refusing chemotherapy that would have threatened the life of her unborn child...Her daughter, Dottie Mae, was born August 16th by emergency C-section after Crimm collapsed in her home"

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  1. Man thanks for sharing Heather. I read the story of the first woman you posted on and it was very touching. I really appreciated the honesty of the husband, he didn't fake how difficult it is and how he struggled. "God be praised," just as he said.