All things children: Abortion, Stories, Instruction & Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Abortion & Adoption- "Out of the 52 million abortions in the US in the past 38 years, how many other Jobs’s have we extinguished?"

Hitler killed disabled children, and so do we-"...people with disabilities are frequently the first to be targeted for destruction."

Stories are Soul Food: Don't Let Your Children Hunger - A great post by N.D. Wilson on why Christians don't have to have a mistrust of telling/reading/creating stories that are fictional/magical.

Parents, Give Children Clear Instructions - Joel Beeke, is coming out with a new book on parenting on how to raise children in the covenant of grace. In the sampled passage, he talks about how parents may give a simple command but that when the child receives it, he/she may get something completely different. Check it out. 

Steve Jobs- I wanted my kids to know me - Shepherd Press is great blog that deals with family, children, adoption, & culture. The big talk right now is Steve Jobs, see what we can learn from the regrets of a man who changed technology. 

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