Childbirth & The Gospel Part 2

In last Monday's post "Childbirth & The Gospel", I asked for your thoughts on what childbirth has to do with the Gospel. My husband and I have been preparing for Rosie's arrival, and though I thank God often for and pray for her salvation, I couldn't help but think about how Childbirth (labor & delivery) relate to the gospel. Here are some of the answers I received back:

James, my husband:
"Maybe that the pain we experience in bearing children helps to worship Jesus who experienced more pain when He bore our sins. We experience that pain with God because Jesus went through that pain without God."

Abbey, a friend:
"Off the top of my head something Daniela and I would mention with her labor was that Jesus perfectly endured great suffering for the joy set before Him. In labor, you will endure in His strength for the joy of having Rosie with you..."

Wes, a friend:
"Heather, That is really sweet. I'm thinking that Gen. 3:15 is the key. The proclamation to the serpent that a Savior would come is a promise to reverse the curse that Adam and Eve brought about. Adam believed this promise and named Eve, meaning 'life,' knowing that the Savior would come through the line of Eve. A natural birth is a way of believing that, even though the pain of the curse is present, you are believing that Christ is the promised seed who reversed the curse. You are proclaiming to God, Rosie and others that you believe Jesus reversed the curse and that the pain is only temporary when comparing it w/ the eternal glory of one day being w/ Christ (Rom. 8:18)."

I'd love to hear anymore feedback, verses or articles you think may relate!

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