Childbirth & The Gospel

My husband and I are hoping to have a natural birth-not just a "vaginal" birth but I mean a-no-drugs-at-all-birth. I'm hoping and praying we can do this, and trying to remember that Rosie will come into the world just as the Lord has sovereignly planned from the beginning of time.

To accomplish this goal of natural birth James and I have chosen the Bradley Method. Though I am super thankful for the explanations of pain and relaxation techniques, I feel I  am struggling to see how exactly the Gospel fits into it. I don't want labor to be a time I don't think about God.

I know that it's a beautiful process-how everything works. Babies being made in the womb? It points to a Creator. The natural benefits of breastfeeding? It points to a Creator. But what does Jesus, the cross, and His resurrection have to do with it? I'll be thinking about this...Let me know what you come up with as well.


  1. Heather,
    That is really sweet. I'm thinking that Gen. 3:15 is the key. The proclamation to the serpent that a Savior would come is a promise to reverse the curse that Adam and Eve brought about. Adam believed this promise and named Eve, meaning 'life,' knowing that theSavior would come through the line of Eve. A natural birth is a way of believing that, even though the pain of the curse is present, you are believing that Christ is the promised seed who reversed the curse. You are proclaiming to God, Rosie and others that you believe Jesus reversed the curse and that the pain is only temporary when comparing it w/ the eternal glory of one day being w/ Christ (Rom. 8:18).

  2. Wow, Wes! That's really good. I definitely will have to dwell on that more. Let me know if you come up with anything else!