Adoption and Abortion are connected

Does it bother you that 90% of pregnant women diagnosed with Down Syndrome decide to have an abortion? (Read article)

Does it bother you that in 2007 Planned Parenthood a pro-choice organization gave out only 4, 912 adoption referrals and aborted 305,310 babies? (That’s a 1: 62 ratio) (Read article)

Do the procedures of abortion bother you?

It bothers us because that is destroying God’s creation-his very image. It bothers us because we are supposed to care for the fatherless. It bothers us because we are not okay with murder. When God gave us the breathe of life and deposited in us the Holy Spirit-it started to bother us because we are not as comfortable with sin as we once were.

Just like abortion is serious matter for the church to care about. So is adoption. Both have to do with caring for the fatherless.

If you are pro-life, I would challenge you this month-whether teenager, single, married or elderly-to not only care about being pro-life but care about adoption. In the foreword to Adopted for Life by Russell Moore, C.J. Mahaney (not legally adopted) starts out by saying “I was adopted when I was 18.” He goes on to say how his friend told him about Jesus and God saved him.

If we were adopted by God through the payment of Jesus Christ’s blood-I pray that we would be able to see the beauty of adoption and thus ask God what our role is in it. After all if it weren’t for adoption, we’d be in pretty bad condition.

In the video below Russell Moore explains the how adoption and abortion are connected:

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