Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption. I never knew you could adopt embryos, have them implanted in you, and then give birth to an adopted child. It’s all so interesting. Where do the embryos come from? Well they from in vitrofertilization (IVF)-which is used for couples whom have fertility issues. Basically “there are more embryos created during an IVF treatment than are actually used, thus embryos remain.” There are around 500,000 embryos with no tummy to go into right now! 500,000 babies! (www.embryoadoption.org) They do not yet have voices, they are not yet growing, but if us Christians believe that a baby is a baby at conception and at conception we have embryos, then are we not to consider these embryos God’s creation as well? Are we not to see them as the fatherless as well? Let’s consider what Russell Moore has to say:

“These so-called “snowflakes” are brothers and sisters of the Lord Jesus are stored in cryogenic containers in fertility clinics as the “extras” of IVF projects. They already exist, and they already exist as persons created in the image of God. And there are Christians called to adopt them, to bring them to birth through pregnancy, and to raise them in love…”

May we not completely mark this off the list without prayerful consideration.

To read all of Russell Moore's thoughts on Embryo Adoption go here.


  1. I've heard about this as well b/c it's one of the reasons IVF is disputed- they ultimately have to terminate all those extras. But I never knew that someone could adopt & birth one of them! Very interesting.

  2. Yea I wonder how long they wait before terminating them? I know that the ones people adopt are frozen embryos. It'd be interesting to find more about the details of this process.